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NowInfinity enables you to create entities, collaborate with other platforms and manage your client’s entities and registers with ease.

Works with:

MYOB Practice Management

The integration provides a framework for GreatSoft’s clients to work seamlessly across NowInfinity’s “5-in-1” platform to deliver cloud-based solutions in practice management, compliance, legal documentation, estate planning, trusts and SMSF’s.

Award-winning technology to make your life easy with all your documents and entity management on one super-efficient and user-friendly platform.

Industry leading corporate compliance

Manage your corporate compliance and ASIC affairs with Corporate Messenger.
Legally backed documentation

Legally backed documents for company formation, trust and SMSF establishments with our Documentation Suite.
Keep SMSFs efficient and compliant

Experience the ease of managing SMSFs when the power of Super Comply makes the whole process efficient as well as compliant.
Australia’s 1st cloud based trust register

Trust Register allows the creation of trust related documents, including establishment, and other trust administration processes in an efficient and streamlined way.

Legal documents and entity management on one highly efficient solution.

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