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Digital Signing Done Simply — Purpose-built for Accountants, FuseSign is an affordable, intuitive, and easy to use Digital Signature platform. Connect FuseSign with your MYOB data and sync your contact list to keep your MYOB as the single source of your data truth. Works with MYOBAE and MYOBAO.

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FuseSign is a digital signature platform like no other. Made for accountants by accountants, it is Australia's leading digital signing tool purpose-built for the Financial and Professional Services industry. Handle complex signing responsibilities, send SMS signing requests, manage your team and more! It's all possible within FuseSign, and best of all, connect your MYOB data to FuseSign to sync your contacts list and keep MYOB as your single source of data truth. FuseSign is also fully mobile, so whether you're on a desktop, tablet or mobile, we have you covered.Send multiple documents to multiple recipients and have them signed and returned within minutes, instead of weeks, all for the price of a stamp. Affordable doesn't mean less, though. FuseSign's high-security protocols include a complete audit trail and authentication, making it legally binding for a wide range of document signing requirements.“If you can work a toaster, you can probably work FuseSign.”Lee Coutts & Syers Read more clients success stories at

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