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Foodbomb by Amaka

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Streamline your ordering and accounting with the Foodbomb x MYOB integration powered by Amaka

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Foodbomb is the smarter ordering solution for hospitality that can cut your ordering time in half and give you full control over your wholesale orders. See all prices upfront, order everything you need in one place and enjoy dedicated personal support from industry experts. Connect your Foodbomb acccount to MYOB thanks to Amaka with daily, automated syncing, saving hours every month on your order reporting and bank reconciliation processes.

This integration has been delivered in partnership by Foodbomb & Amaka, ensuring you have control over how all your Foodbomb order details are synced into your MYOB platform and mapped to the appropriate accounts - allowing for a seamless, lightning-fast reconciliation process.

How it works
The integration will run a scheduled sync on a daily basis, capturing a summary of your previous day’s orders data from Foodbomb into MYOB generating an bill.

Historical Sync
Back-date your sync and have your historical Foodbomb orders also generated into MYOB.

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