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FlowCentric BPM

FlowCentric Processware allows businesses to quickly build, integrate, and evolve process-driven applications that are designed to increase productivity and promote accuracy throughout the organisation.

FlowCentric Collaborate is a cloud application for modelling business workflows. Not only does FlowCentric Collaborate allow users to visually model their business processes, but the platform also allows users to create all of the form fields necessary to digitise and automate their business processes with FlowCentric Processware. Users simply map the ideal version of their business processes and import the template into FlowCentric Processware where they can programmatically add intelligence and automation to the process.

FlowCentric Processware allows organisations to digitise and automate recurring tasks in any process, no matter whether the process is complex or simple. The software is designed to operate across departments and existing software systems.

The FlowCentric BPM Platform is ideal for businesses that want to embrace digital transformation, innovate easily, gain results quickly, and encourage the development of new process-driven applications.

Companies use the FlowCentric BPM Platform to:

·       Digitise and improve their existing business processes

·       Develop flexible workflow management solutions

·       Integrate to and extend the life of their ERP systems

·       Add meaningful action to the data generated by people, IoT devices, and other systems

With FlowCentric Processware you can quickly build, integrate, and evolve process-driven applications for any company, without adding unnecessary complexity to their IT architecture.

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