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FlexiTime Payroll

Cloud-based NZ payroll, timesheets, rosters, time clock and time billing

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight

FlexiTime Product Description

FlexiTime is flexible online payroll software for New Zealand businesses. With in-built timesheets, FlexiTime makes it easy to track the hours your employees work and pay them accurately.

Automatically sync your payroll transactions with MYOB Business and MYOB AccountRight for easy reconciliation. After you finalise a pay in FlexiTime, payroll invoices appear in MYOB Business or MYOB AccountRight that contain all wages, taxes, expenses and liabilities. It couldn’t be easier.


Pay employees quickly and accurately with our easy to use payroll software. Designed to cater for salaried, part time, casual, temporary and contract staff, all from the one system. Available online, anywhere any time.


Create payroll from FlexiTime timesheets. Let your employees enter their hours online or on their mobile device. Populate timesheets from iPad Photo Timeclock entries or import time from other systems.


Create rosters across the business or by department. Save templates and drag and drop for fast editing. Email employees their shifts for the week. Stick to budget by comparing labour costs with estimated revenue.

Photo Timeclock

Pay your staff to the minute. Accurately record attendance with FlexiTime’s iPad timeclock app. Staff take a selfie and timesheets are updated automatically when they clock in and out of shifts.

Time Billing

Automatically create detailed client invoices from time and expenses recorded in FlexiTime. One click client approval of timesheets via email. Dynamic invoice lines mean you choose which details to include.

Mobile time recording

Employees can enter their hours against different jobs on their mobile phone while on the go, automatically updating their FlexiTime timesheets in real time.

PAYE Intermediary Service

Remembering to pay and file your PAYE can be a hassle. And if you forget, the penalties are harsh. As an IRD accredited intermediary, you can let FlexiTime take care of your PAYE filing responsibilities, for free!

All this, automatically synced with your accounting system! FlexiTime is 100% in the Cloud, meaning it is always up-to-date with the latest legislation and you’ll never need to load a software update.

You data is protected by bank-level security and multiple daily backups. Enjoy the freedom of being able to manage your payroll, scheduling and attendance anywhere, any time.

Find out more at or register for a 30 day free trial.

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