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Flare HR


Support your business with a connected, compliant and configurable onboarding process that’ll turn your new starters into quick starters.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business
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Enjoy a seamless onboarding process

Make sure your employees are set up for success with a solution that ticks all the right boxes.

A better day one experience

Get new starters ready to go on day one with a seamless onboarding experience. A simple, digital workflow that captures all the right info upfront. Remotely onboarding employees has never been this easy.

Save valuable time

Avoid unnecessary admin with a paperless solution that is integrated with your MYOB payroll software. Automatic data sync helps cut down handling time and reduces manual tasks for both you and your employees.

Streamline processes

Reduce risk by ensuring you have the right documents, right from the start. Digitally collect requisite banking, tax and superannuation information to ensure you stay compliant.

Data that’s secure and synchronised

Streamline your workflows with an onboarding solution that natively integrates with MYOB Advanced Payroll, right out of the box. Tax, banking and superannuation info automatically syncs with MYOB, so you’re never stuck chasing paperwork.

Plus, all your employees’ personal data is kept safe thanks to secure forms and multi-factor authentication. It’s onboarding done right.

Step 1: Configure the experience

Once Advancd Employee Onboarding is enabled, you’re ready to start collecting all the key details required for payroll, right from the get go. You can tailor this experience by adding your branding, additional information or any supporting documents you may want to collect.

Step 2: Invite your new hire

Create a new employee with their basic employment details. You can then send them a link to securely enter their personal, bank, tax and super details. Using all-digital documents means no more lost paperwork.

Step 3: Receive their details

Your new starter will provide their payroll information, which is automatically synced to MYOB Advanced Payroll for easy set up. And that’s it! Just three easy steps to a streamlined onboarding process.

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