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FeeSynergy Payments and Fee Funding

FeeSynergy is #1 in online payment and fee finance solutions for accounting firms in Australia and NZ.

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FeeSynergy Payments and Fee Funding

FeeSynergy Collect is our flagship cloud-based software platform. The platform incorporates a comprehensive range of features and modules which are specifically designed to suit the needs of accounting firms of all sizes. These include: automated email reminders with customised workflow, risk management and business advisory tools and engagement letters and proposals and ONLINE CARD PAYMENTS, BANK INTEGRATED DIRECT DEBITS and INTEGRATED FEE FUNDING.

The FeeSynergy payment gateway is fully integrated into FeeSynergy Collect however can be deployed as a standalone product. This integration enables clients to see all their outstanding invoices at one time irrespective of which invoice they clicked on. This smart design means that our clients receive additional card payments in the one transaction session. 

The payment gateway is PC, tablet and mobile phone responsive which is important as a large percentage of payment gateway transactions are done on mobile devices. When your staff are taking credit or debit card payments over the counter or over the phone, they simply go onto your website and enter the client’s card details directly into the gateway. The client and the firm will receive immediate email confirmation of payment. Our unique design also differentiates between credit and debit cards enabling firms to comply with strict government rules banning profiting from merchant surcharge fees.

FeeSynergy Collect invoice and automated email reminders also incorporate a monthly instalment payment option which clients can elect via click through links. When the client clicks on the instalment payment link, they are presented with a secure online application form which enables them to select an instalment payment option which best suits their cash flow position. This self-service offering with digital signature completion ensures fast turnaround and settlement to the firm.

FeeSynergy Collect is tightly integrated with MYOB AE & AO and GreatSoft via approved API connectors delivering secure world class solutions to our large base of mutual clients. Collect recognises the practice management system as the "source of truth" and is synced in real time to ensure the integrity of client data is maintained. 

All components of FeeSynergy Collect are owned, designed, developed, implemented and supported by FeeSynergy's Australian based team. Collect is very secure - the platform is hosted in AWS Australian data centres and is subject to regular independent penetration testing. 

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