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Exact Synergy (with ConnectIt)

Enhance user ERP experience through Workflow, Document, Collaboration & Monitoring tools.

Works with:

MYOB Advanced Business

What if you could have an all-inclusive experience for all of your employees, made possible by holistic information sharing, digitising business process interactions, and automating business transactions?

Get more information into the hands of more people in your organisation, efficiently and effectively with minimal cost? Through the Synergy Enterprise framework this can be your reality. Improved operational efficiencies, better decision making, reduced consumption of time and elimination of unnecessary manual tasks allows focus to remain on core business requirements.


Synergy Enterprise can help you in many ways, but we have identified 3 Critical Business Drivers that underpin the needs of many organisations.

  • All inclusive information: Meet the increased need to get more non-Exact ERP information into the hands of more people

  • Better Collaboration: Supply businesses the ability to capture and digitise human interactions in a business

  • Improved Automation: Deliver solutions that allow for transaction automation resulting from business process interactions.


Synergy features including :

  • Process management and automation, signalling and alerts

  • Fully integrated document management and archiving

  • Project management and administration

  • Templates for HR, sales and other business processes

  • Integration with MYOB Advanced Business

  • Actionable view builder & rules engine

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