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Automatically sync your Bunnings PowerPass invoices with the MYOB Inbox.

Works with:

MYOB Business

MYOB Business integrates seamlessly with Bunnings PowerPass so you can manage your entire business, all in one place. 

How it works

Save time and track Bunnings expenses instantly.

When you connect PowerPass with MYOB, your Bunnings invoices go directly to your MYOB inbox. Our software reads and captures data accurately, so you can say goodbye to manually entering receipts.

Get started

If you're not an MYOB customer, sign up for our exclusive Bunnings PowerPass offer, (Pay for the first month, and get 12 months free).

Then, connect PowerPass with MYOB:

  1. Sign in to your PowerPass account and click 'view my account dashboard'.

  2. Select ‘Account holder details’.

  3. Click ‘Send invoices to MYOB’. This will take you to the the MYOB integration page.

  4. Select the ledger and hit ‘Finish’ to confirm.

Don't have a PowerPass account?

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