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BQE Core

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Strengthen the CORE of your firm - Perfect Your Project Management Workflow and Accounting

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight


Automate steps in the workflow, stay within scope and budget and take work anywhere by having all your data on a single platform.

BQE CORE is a business management solution that centralises and streamlines the way professional service firms enter and use information for accounting, time & expense tracking, billing, reporting and project management.

With more than 400,000 users worldwide, BQE CORE is trusted by leading architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, IT specialists, and business consultants. BQE CORE is a cloud-based software that gives you a real-time view into your firm. This allows you to take quick, decisive, and intelligent action, increase productivity, and grow profits.

MYOB AccountRight Integration

Data integration between BQE CORE and MYOB AccountRight can make your time billing, accounting and financial management tasks easier. BQE CORE allows you send and receive timesheets, client invoices, payments from clients and supplier bills from MYOB AccountRight.

When integrated, it ensures data accuracy, eliminates time-consuming duplicate manual data entry, enhances flexibility, and increases control over your bottom line. (Read more)

Run Your Business from a Single Platform

- Smart, customisable dashboards with actionable intelligence

- Monitor projects at all times, and have a tighter control over budgets and profitability

- Automate the entire billing process to improve cash flow

- Quickly take action with clear, easy-to-understand reports

- Manage your business no matter where you are with native iOS and Android apps

- Win more clients with CORE CRM

- Focus on the “Human” and develop talent with BQE CORE HR

BQE Core is built in a modular fashion and lets you buy only the modules you need.

Customer Testimonials

“CORE uses dashboard widgets that are very visual in nature, including graphs. What's more, all the information is at our fingertips, which provides us with a real-time view of the financial position of the company at any given time.”

Domenic D’Alesio, Finance & Administration Manager
JDSI Consulting Engineers

“CORE gives you peace of mind. You know where your projects are, and where your capital’s being deployed, and you can really see profitability. If you want to become a profitable business and you’re running project-based work, you probably need CORE.”

Jeff Wilson II, Principal

The W2 Group

MYOB ARL Core Data
Accounts <> Chart of Accounts
Categories <> Class
Activities <> Activity Items
Items <> Expense Items
Employees <> Employees
Suppliers <> Vendors
Customers <> Clients
Jobs <> Projects
Activity Slips <> Time Entries
Invoices <> Invoices
Payments <> Payments
Orders <> Purchase Orders
Bills <> Vendors Bills

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