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Quality Management Suite for MYOB Acumatica


Quality Management Suite for MYOB Acumatica is a quality management suite that embeds QMS process with the core ERP processes to help mitigate quality issues for manufacturers and distributors, resulting in reduced costs and higher product quality.

Works with:

MYOB Acumatica

Meet your unique manufacturing and distribution needs with Quality Management Suite (QMS) for MYOB Acumatica (powered by eWorkplace Apps). eWorkplace Apps is based upon 30 years of delivering solutions to process, discrete manufacturers, and distributors. Quality Management Suite for MYOB Acumatica is natively built within MYOB’s framework.

The solution helps mitigate the quality issues at multiple levels and enables you to conduct quality tests at receiving, production (in-process and at completion), shipping, kitting, ad-hoc, RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), 2-step warehouse transfer, and more to meet the quality needs and compliance standards effectively.

Quality Management Suite offers these key capabilities to let manufacturers and distributors meet their quality requirements:

1. Quality Testing and Recall
2. Inspection & Checklist for Gate Operations and Shipments, and Document SOPs
3. Standard AQL and Sampling
4. Non-Conformance (NC) and CAPA, Root Cause Analysis
5. Vendor Performance Analysis/Supplier Management
6. Forward & Backward Lot Traceability Reporting
7. CoA (Certificate of Analysis)

Why Quality Management Suite for manufacturers and distributors?

• Streamline and systematize internal quality needs
• Meet customer requirements
• Enhance customer satisfaction
• Meet industry, regulatory, and compliance standards.

Quality Management Suite for MYOB Acumatica is a comprehensive solution that ensures manufacturers and distributors to deliver high-quality products with lesser errors and improved customer satisfaction.

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