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Ocerra AP Automation


Modern, easy to use AP Automation for touchless invoice processing and approval.

Works with:

MYOB AccountRight
MYOB Advanced Business

Ocerra is a modern and user-friendly accounts payable automation solution with seamless MYOB Advanced and MYOB ARL integrations. It helps you to reduce the time and cost spent on processing supplier invoices, including line-item data extraction, coding, and bespoke approval workflow module.


Ocerra key system benefits

·  Real-time data extraction from multi-line invoices.

·  Configurable coding options on the line and header level (Items, Branches, Jobs, Projects and more).

·  Customisable approval workflow module.

·  Smart and secure inbox to manage your payables.

·  Multi-company management within one platform.

·  Inter-branch and inter-company management.

·  OData integration to seamlessly build reports using your favourite BI tools or Excel.


Ocerra key integration benefits with MYOB

·  Plug and play connection for both MYOB Advanced and MYOB Account Right.

·  Creates bills and credit notes including file attachments.

·  Purchase Order line-level and receipt matching option.

·  Offers coding options depending on your business requirements.

Learn more about Ocerra and MYOB Advanced integration.

Learn more about Ocerra and MYOB Account Right integration.


Case Studies:

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Our Technology

We are using the latest technology, resulting in a highly accurate and intelligent data extraction tool. By hosting our application on AWS, we are offering a secure and scalable solution to a wide range of business including retail, wholesale, manufacturing, financial services, aircraft maintenance and earthmoving companies.

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