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Pricing Matrix System

Pricing Matrix system manage pricing for customers and items

Customer Pricing Matrix system allow users to maintain Product and Product-group specific pricing by Customer cards in MYOB.

You can maintain individual prices and/or Discounts for Customers. You can also maintain Supplier specific Pricing Matrix based on Products / Products groups.

You can generate Sales Invoices, Orders and Quotes (including Backorders) directly from the Add-on system which will use relevant pricing from Pricing Matrix based on customers and products ordered.

Pricing Matrix system will benefit wholesalers, distributors, retailers that need the ability to base pricing on combinations of criteria, not just simple items and price levels. It will generate Price Lists for individual customers, and automatic transfer of Invoices, Orders, and Quotes to MYOB.

Pricing Matrix System will helps the User to assign the Item price with item breakup including campaign pricing for specific sales campaign periods.

Provides powerful reports that help you run your business efficiently and make quick decisions.

Saves significant time in maintaining breakup prices for the customers, products, suppliers, product-group, specific periods.

Easy to import your pricing data from Excel template (supplied with the Pricing Matrix system). Supports all versions of AccountRight Classic (v19 and prior).

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  • AccountRight Classic
  • AccountRight Live
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