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Datapel Warehouse Management System

Enhanced order management with comprehensive inventory capabilities

  • Powerful searching capabilities. Locate stock by item number, name, batch/serial#, bin, custom field, or by barcode. View orders and stock by picked, packed, shipped or flagged status. Manage stock in multiple virtual warehouses and further track same items across multiple bins.
  • Set up multiple warehouses and utilise structured workflows for managing stock "In Transit" between locations with optional transfer receiving.
  • Reduce search times and spoilage with intelligent, rule-based stock retrieval by bin. Choose FIFO, MIN, MAX or expiry-date based pick LEXFO AND FEXFO.
  • Critical for companies that need quality control or seeking accreditation. Simplify warranty and Returns management.
  • Pricing schedules by Customer by Item with date limited promotions.
  • Use Approval and Priority flags to improve Order management or use Stock Flags to support your quality procedures.
  • Rich forms and templates with stock and sales reporting of inventory, transfers, sales by item, location, or customer with margin analysis. Harness powerful reporting with the industry standard Crystal Reports®.
  • Drag and drop emails, PDF or Microsoft Office® documents into the WMS. Track special requests, product specs, or batch-related quality and warranty information.
  • Specify MIN, MAX and default bin by item by warehouse and create replenishment purchases or transfers.
  • Track stock returns (RMAs) with original serial or batch numbers and manage stock for repairs and maintenance.
  • Advanced back order management with options to combine back orders and consolidate invoices.
  • Create kits and packages to make it easy to sell and supply multi-component products from groups of items directly within Sales Orders.
  • View Work-In-Progress, schedule future work orders or production runs and manage committed raw materials.
  • Automatically allocate inventory of raw materials and create finished goods tracking component serial/batch numbers for full traceability.

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Integration Details

  • AccountRight Classic
  • AccountRight Live
AccountRight AccountRight

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