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Business Importer

Easy import and export transactions in MyOB using Business Importer.

Import and Export transactions in Excel/CSV into MYOB in several steps. Import/Export Invoices, Customer Payments, Contacts, Accounts, Journal Entries, Items into MYOB using Business Importer. Don't wait until import is done! Receive notifications by e-mail. Import data into MYOB. Create re-usable Import mappings. Reschedule import. Connect as many companies and users as you want.

Upload your Excel/CSV file.
Select your file containing transactions to import into MYOB, or enter DropBox/GoogleDrive/Microsoft OneDrive link.

Create Mapping.
Connect your labels to MYOB labels.

Preview your mapping and transactions to import. Make changes if necessary.

Successful Import.
Receive notifications by e-mail, and view your import log.

What you get in Business Importer:
1) Fast import in 5 steps
2) Export function
3) Easy Mapping step
4) Reshedule import
5) Use previous mapping settings
6) Receive e-mail notification
7) Run several imports simultaneously
8) Connect as many companies you want
9) Customer support
10) Step-by-step how-to guides on out blog and instructional videos prepared for you!
11) 14 days free trial!
12) Subscription plans suitable for any business, if you're an accountant, small or medium company.

Business Importer
EASY USAGE Business Importer provides easy and time-saving solution for users who value their time and want to import or export all data the fastest possible and without errors.
CLEAN DESIGN Thanks to our UI designers, the interface is clean and understandable for every new user, and doesn't distract the users from the main accounting job. Concentrate only on your work, and upload the file, create mapping and receive results in several minutes.
SECURE DATA PROCESSING We use secure protocol to import transactions into MYOB. Just prepare your file, upload it to Business Importer, connect labels- and your Excel (with Invoices, Journal Entries, Customer Payments, etc.) is imported into MYOB fast!

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It's as easy as visiting the website or, why not give them a call +13022613644, and they'll tell you all you need to know to get you started.

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