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Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.

Abtrac <p>Abtrac is used extensively by <ul><li>Architects, interior designers and architectural designers</li> <li>Accountants and bookkeepers</li> <li>Consultants</li> <li>Cost estimators (quantity surveyors)</li> <li>Engineers of all professional disciplines</li> <li>Land surveyors</li> <li>Planners</li> <li>Project managers</li></ul></p> <p>and many other professional services firms.</p> <p>Abtrac eliminates errors and inefficiencies that cost you time and money. It's simple, the more you know about each of your projects, the better you can manage them.</p> <p>Abtrac tracks clients, sub-consultants, projects, stages, fee estimates, employees, timesheets, disbursements, and everything else from the initial enquiry through to the final invoice.</p> <ul><li>Quickly review actual vrs budget by project to help you better manage this one and the next one</li> <li>Reduce write offs, correctly bill for variations, and make staff more aware of the value of their time</li> <li>Reduce endless paperwork and throw away your confusing and complicated spreadsheets</li> <li>Eliminate the inefficiencies and pressure at month end with all your data in one place</li></ul> <p>It's the quality of information Abtrac delivers that sets us apart - streamlined and industry specific reports. More just a software company we speak your language and understand your business. And our support and follow up is second to none. </p> Timesheets, schedules, plan & manage projects, invoicing. For professional services firms.
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Collect Cash on time with earlier collection of overdue invoices

Cerebiz Cash <p>Integrated Cash Flow projection has substantiated Promises to Pay by Customers, Payments to Suppliers and also future income and expenses projection yet to be confirmed can be included.</p> <p>Reduce costs in admin and service overheads. Automate Debt collection process. Automate SMS and Email reminders to Clients including Statements and copies of Invoices. </p> <p>Record payment plans and customer conversations to follow up. </p> <p>Send legal demand letters to long overdue debtors. </p> <p>WHAT IF analysis on Cash flow for different best / worst case scenarios. Trend Chart provides instant visibility to Cash Collection effectiveness. </p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Collect Cash on time with earlier collection of overdue invoices reporting Cerebiz business intelligence budgeting forecasting bi
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ABUKAI Expenses eliminates the tedious activities associated with completing expenses

ABUKAI Expenses <p>Finish expense reports in seconds, and easily post your expenses and invoices to MYOB </p> <p>ABUKAI Expenses substantially reduces the time and effort required to complete expense reportss. ABUKAI Expenses can immediately help you save time creating your expense claims or entering invoices. ABUKAI Expenses eliminates all the cumbersome work associated with creating expense reports and invoices including typing data from receipts, categorizing expenses and looking up exchange rates.</p> <p><strong>Step 1. </strong>Simply take a picture of each receipt or invoice with your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android device while on the road or at the office.<br /> <strong>Step 2. </strong>Press “Submit” whenever you are ready.</p> <p>You receive a completed expense report with cost categorization, date, vendor and all the other information already filled in, along with a copy of all the receipt images. In only 2 steps! ABUKAI Expenses automatically creates the expense entries for you including GST. Even better, with the MYOB Integration, ABUKAI Expenses will directly post all transactions into MYOB AccountRight for you. The MYOB Integration is available for Standard Corporate Accounts or Custom Corporate Accounts. Certain configurations may require a Custom Corporate Account. With a Custom Corporate Account, other versions of MYOB such as MYOB EXO are also supported using other integration methods.</p> <p>ABUKAI Expenses was awarded the Editors’ Choice Award by PC Magazine, and named one of the Top 20 Cloud Services. ABUKAI Expenses was also named “Instagram for Expense Reporting” by Wireless Week, one of the 6 best mobile applications for small business by Staples, and one of the top 5 finance applications by NASDAQ.</p> ABUKAI Expenses eliminates the tedious activities associated with completing expenses
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A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia & New Zealand

Direct CONTROL <p>A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia, New Zealand and other countries.</p> <ul> <li>All automated Software and fee updates for Medicare, DVA, Health Funds, WorkCover (All States) and AMA as they are due keeping old fees for prior billing</li> <li>Opportunity to ‘grow your business’ as Direct CONTROL is Multi-Disciplinary and accommodates billing and scheduling needs for ALL Medical Disciplines (Allied Health, GP, Specialists, Haematologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologist, Pathologist, Anaesthetist, Assistants in Surgery, Day and Overnight Hospital Stays from Admission to Discharge to include Statutory Reporting).</li> <li>Manage your Workflow per logon with customisable dashboards</li> <li>Take Client Photo (with their permission)</li> <li>Client Contact Management</li> <li>Track Referrers/Surgeons and report on revenue generated from Referrers/Surgeons</li> <li>Full Appointment History</li> <li>Add ‘non-billing entities’ at no additional cost. For example: Clinics, Appointments with Nurses, etc and report on revenue generated from each.</li> <li>Integrate with Outlook to view on your mobile device or use Direct CONNECT Web Service. You have the best of both desktop and browser access. <ul> <li>Provider Portal</li> <li>Client Portal to include Perioperative Questionnaire</li> <li>On Call App</li> </ul> </li> <li>Generate Informed Financial Consent (aka Estimate or Quote) in seconds and convert to invoice</li> <li>Email and SMS from Direct CONTROL @ 8.8 cents or less per SMS (Other Providers charge around 22 cents per SMS)</li> <li>Take Prepayments, generate Invoices and Receipts, Refunds and Write-offs … all fully audited</li> <li>Export directly to your accounting application … MYOB (preferred)</li> <li>Entities/Locations can have their own Accounting File</li> <li>Includes Medicare Australia Online Functionality for Direct Billing (Bulk Bill, DVA, Health Funds, Patient Claiming, ECLIPSE and In Hospital Claiming) and Verification and Online Eligibility Checks (OEC). Direct CONTROL has Notices of Integration with the very latest Medicare Client Adaptor.</li> <li>Setup <a href=""></a> for online EFTPOS payments (no need for the EFTPOS/Tyro machine on desks) … take pre-authorisations</li> <li>Setup BPay for automatic receipting</li> <li>Private, Pensioner/HCC, WorkCover, Medico-Legal and Third Party billing</li> <li>Clinical Module to bring all detail together or link to other Clinical Programmes of choice (optional) <ul> <li>Admissions</li> <li>Allergies</li> <li>Clinical Alerts</li> <li>Communications</li> <li>Medications … <a href="">MIMS Integration for prescriptions</a> (being finalised now) … additional cost</li> <li>Observations</li> <li>Progress Notes</li> <li>Reminders/Recalls</li> <li>Requests and Results</li> </ul> </li> <li>Referral Management and Reporting</li> <li>Communications Management</li> <li>Own a tablet? Then take advantage of Handwriting Notes and Drawing</li> <li>Utilise Windows Voice Recognition</li> <li>Secure Messaging with Medical-Objects or Argus CONNECT … additional cost</li> <li>Client/Patient Correspondence with Microsoft Office or scan or import directly into the Client/Patient Record. Can also just drag and drop.</li> <li>Import Images and view within the Client/Patient Record</li> <li>Financial Reporting at its best</li> <li>On-line content to assist with staff training and support</li> <li>Links throughout to relevant web sites</li> </ul> A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia & New Zealand medical general practice surgeon veteinary
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Save time by automating repetitive processes have more time to spend on things that matter

Cerebiz Reminder <p>Automate sending SMS / Email reminders, emailing of reports etc.</p> <p>Combined with 'Cerebiz Cash', 'Cerebiz Reminders' can automate your Cash Collection NOW! </p> <p>Combined with 'Cerebiz Budget', 'Cerebiz Reminders' can automatically Email Reports NOW! </p> <p>One step from system to client – no more re keying, save time and money! Setup multiple SMS/EMAIL templates to suit your individual preferences. </p> <p>Get ahead of the curve and get paid on time reminding your clients in advance. Save time and costs by automating internal processes. </p> <h3>Setup in minutes</h3> <p>Setup in minutes No Contract, No Credit Card, No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime, No Commitment!</p> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block">Try for Free</a> </p> Save time by automating repetitive processes have more time to spend on things that matter
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Bank more money each month and reduce admin time chasing payments.

ezyCollect <p>ezyCollect is the easiest way to take control of debtors so they pay invoices quickly and you have more cash in your bank. Simply link your MYOB account and set up an automated workflow to reach overdue debtors with polite, personal reminders. Communicate with care and consistency with any number of debtors and make it easy for debtors to pay you:</p> <ul><li>Reach every debtor with automated sms, email, and post reminders.</li> <li>Debtors click-to-pay online from invoices, reminders, monthly statements.</li> <li>One click access to credit check reports, demand letters and debt recovery agents.</li> <li>Records debtor’s credit usage and limit.</li> <li>Instantly see the status of overdue accounts in real-time.</li> <li>Issue new invoices and consolidated monthly statements with ease.</li> <li>Your team can monitor and manage every debtor’s account from one central hub.</li></ul> <p>"Now overdue debtors consistently receive payment reminders which include a copy of overdue invoices. It helps debtors too" says Linda Attenborough, Financial Controller, MARTEC, who saved 8 hours per day and cut overdue accounts by 80%. ezyCollect is a certified MYOB addon and offers free staff training so you are up and running with ease.</p> <p>To get started <a href="">book in your free consultation today</a></p> Bank more money each month and reduce admin time chasing payments. cashflow receivables management debtors collections bad debts letters of demand
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Turn your cashflow chaos into calm

Debtor Daddy <p>Get your invoices paid faster, save hours, money and energy each week chasing overdue invoices. Reduce stress and increase your cashflow so you can get back to doing what you love. The first $25k is guaranteed.</p> <p>Debtor Daddy is an innovative service revolutionising the debt collection industry by improving the way small and medium size businesses chase overdue invoices. Using a unique combination of smart technology and the human touch, we're on a mission to create a new world of stress-free cashflow.</p> <p>Debtor Daddy provides the tools you need to efficiently follow up with debtors, or we can provide a full service and do all the work for you. Services include automated personalised reminders, follow-up calls and debt collection. You will be supported by dedicated receivables specialists who become part of your extended team.</p> <p>Chase new business rather than chase up overdue invoices. Debtor Daddy works for you - we do the hard jobs on your behalf, while ensuring your valued customer relationships are maintained.</p> <p>"Debtor Daddy has made the dreaded debt collecting part of our business more professional and streamlined. The approach to our clients is friendly, open and positive and we've seen payments hitting out bank account faster." - <strong>Hayley Carter</strong>, Laser Plumbing</p> <p>Simply sign up for a 14-day free trial at <a href=""></a>. You will be prompted to give Debtor Daddy access to your MYOB data. Within a few minutes, you'll have a dashboard showing your current receivables situation and one of our friendly, dedicated professionals will contact you to formulate a plan of action that will ensure you get paid quickly, while maintaining your customer relationships.</p> Turn your cashflow chaos into calm reminders collection agency debtcollection calls collection overdue debtors cashflow Invoice
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Accounting Integration for a large number of business software programmes

OzBiz EzyLink® <p>Integration for Newsagents, Jewellers, Bike Stores, Nurseries & landscapers, Resorts,Hotels, Motels,Caravan Parks, Supermarkets, Pharmacies, Medical Practices, Clubs,Pubs,Restaurants. If you use industry software for your business there's a good chance we have an accounting integration for you. A few seconds a day is all it takes to have your financial data in MYOB.</p> Accounting Integration for a large number of business software programmes
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Help your customers to pay you instantly!

SimplyPaid <p>Give your customers more options to pay you 24/7!</p> <p>SimplyPaid makes it easy to get paid online, anytime, anywhere, via MYOB invoices, your phone and on email & sms reminders!</p> <p>SimplyPaid is your go-to payments hub, offering your debtors the ability to make payment to you, anytime, anywhere via credit card or bank account. Give your cashflow that extra kick by allowing your clients to pay via Visa, Mastercard & AMEX.<br /> • No setup or monthly fees<br /> • Secure with PCI DSS Level 1 compliant—the strictest level of security available.<br /> • Next day settlement on credit card transactions and the ability to surcharge fees to your customers automatically</p> <p>So what's keeping you? It's time to get paid!</p> Help your customers to pay you instantly!
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IODM automates the receivables cycle for all your debtors to be contacted within minutes

IODM - Innovative Online debt Management <p>IODM is an online debt management application that automates the entire account receivable cycle, helping companies monitor and collect receivables and improve cash flow. The system is WEB based and interfaces with MYOB.</p> <p>The system runs a 4 letter reminder procedure with SMS/TXT, with the ability to refer the debt directly to a collection company for further action. The system works as follows:</p> <p>The system automatically interfaces with MYOB so as soon as an invoice falls due or a payment is made the information automatically feeds into the IODM system</p> <p>The system will generate a friendly reminder letter with your logo or your client’s logo and send it out via email or letter. An SMS/TXT will also automatically go out</p> <p>After 7 days has passed, the system will automatically generate the second reminder letter with an SMS/TXT if the debt remains unpaid and send it out</p> <p>After another 7 days, if the debt still remains unpaid, the system will generate a soft debt collection letter with and SMSS/TXT</p> <p>After another 7 days, again, if the debt remains unpaid, the system will generate a second debt collection latter with SMS/TXT</p> <p>So in all after the first action the entire cycle takes 28 days. If still the debt remain unpaid, you have the ability to refer the matter to the collection company. Along each step, nothing will happen unless you hit the action button, remaining in full control of the process.</p> <p>The whole procedure to manage takes approximately 5 minutes and can send out reminders to multiple debtors. The system also has reports, and we can custom make any reports you may need.</p> The system has white label functionality, there for allowing accounting firms to offer this to their clients as another value add service and also introducing a new revenue stream to the practice. IODM automates the receivables cycle for all your debtors to be contacted within minutes
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Online credit reporting - Find out which clients pose the biggest risk to your business.

CreditorWatch MYOB Accounting Integration <p>CreditorWatch is an innovative, online credit reporting bureau with over 50,000+ customers across Australia. CreditorWatch users get access to:</p> <p>1. <strong>Easy to Navigate Credit Reports</strong> – Before taking on a new customer, run a credit check on the customer to see if they have any adverse information attached to their credit file. This will help to identify and avoid potential bad debtors. Simply type in their business name, ABN or ACN into the search bar. From there, the interface is designed to easily flag negative debtor activity. An easy-to- read credit score is also present on the profile.<br /> 2. <strong>Monitoring and Alerts</strong> – editorWatch provides 24/7 monitoring of your customers and sends daily alerts so that you never miss a change in a debtor’s circumstances. Whether you wish to monitor one customer or thousands, CreditorWatch will keep an eye on them. If there are any important changes such as payment defaults, court actions, insolvency notices, mercantile enquiries, ABN/ACN changes, you’ll receive an email alert so you can take proactive steps to reduce your exposure to bad debt.<br /> 3. <strong>Debt Collection Tools</strong> – CreditorWatch offers debt collection tools such as letter of demand templates for every stage of the collection process. Users have access to the logo and can place it on their letters of demand. By placing a CreditorWatch logo on invoices and statements, CreditorWatch customers have reported a 53% increased chance of receiving payment and 7 days reduced time to receive a payment.</p> <p>If a customer has not paid after the final demand notice, CreditorWatch users can register a payment default against the debtor. The payment default will affect the debtor’s credit score for up to 5 years and other customers who are monitoring the debtor will receive an alert once the payment default is lodged</p> <p><strong>MYOB Integration</strong>CreditorWatch users also have the option to integrate with their MYOB account for free. By integrating, you are able to access additional features including:<br /> <li><strong>Debtor Analysis</strong> – CreditorWatch will analyse your outstanding debtors and compare them against their credit profiles. The debtors that pose the biggest risk to your business and cash flow will be flagged.</li> <li><strong>Name Match</strong> – Name match is a tool developed by CreditorWatch that helps you identify and verify ABNs of your customers, ensuring you know exactly who you are trading with. It will update your MYOB records when a match is identified.</li> <li><strong>Enriched Credit Reports</strong> – When you view the files of one of your customers, we enrich the profile with your MYOB data so you can better understand how they have been paying you.</li> <li><strong>Automated Credit Checks</strong> - After you add a new contact into MYOB, CreditorWatch will automatically email you a credit report fort that customer</li> </p> <p><strong>Why should you use CreditorWatch? Here are just a few reasons:</strong><br /> 1. Assess the creditworthiness of new customers<br /> 2. Find out when existing customers are in financial distress<br /> 3. Reduce the time it takes to get paid<br /> </p> <p><a href="">Try us for free today</a>.</p> Online credit reporting - Find out which clients pose the biggest risk to your business.
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Early payment to your suppliers in return for a discount and extend your own payment terms

Working Capital Solutions for MYOB <p>Since 1987 the Dataline Group has been at the forefront of making accounts payables easy for organisations in Australia and New Zealand.</p> <h2How it works<h2> <p>Dataline’s accounts payable solution for MYOB will help you save time and money by managing your current manual processes associated with accounts payable. With faster approval times of invoices, take the opportunity to pay your suppliers early in return for a discount.</p> <p>Invoice Automation – With faster invoice approvals, you have an opportunity to select which invoices you wish to pay early in return for a discount</p> <p>Supplier Offer – Selected suppliers that you wish to pay early will receive an email offering an early payment of the invoice in return for a discount </p> <p>Gain A Discount – Recieve an acceptance from your supplier for early payment and get notified of the discount amount and new payment date for the invoice </p> <p>Retain Your Cashflow - Use the discount to leverage funding of the invoice to extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days.</p> <p>Turn your discounts into a substantial return on your payables or use the discount to fund your payments </p> <p>Dataline helps you optimise your Accounts Payable processing, providing you with high visibility daily of your business’ liabilities, and now offers the OPTION TO EXTEND PAYMENT TERMS with your suppliers, giving far greater flexibility and control of your working capital. By offering to pay suppliers early with unsecured, off-balance sheet funding, you can: </p> <ul><li>Capitalise further on supplier discounts available</li> <li>Free up valuable working capital to facilitate your business’ growth</li> <li>Extend your own payment terms by up to 90 days</li> <li>Strengthen your supply chain by also improving your suppliers’ cash flow.</li></ul> <p>A better way to manage your payables</p> <ul><li>Easy access to funds, with no borrowing and no security required</li> <li>Strengthen supply chain relationships with suppliers you choose to pay early; you’re in control of who and when you pay</li> <li>Workflow that allows you to benefit from supplier early payment discounts</li> <li>Use discounts earned to fund working capital requirements</li> <li>Extend your terms on any supplier invoice up to 90 days.</li></ul> <p>Want to know more? </p> <p>Dataline’s working capital solution is a great way to start your digital transformation journey. For more information, contact us on +61 2 9882 6301 or</p> Early payment to your suppliers in return for a discount and extend your own payment terms
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Cloud based COMMISSION FREE! debt collection - easy to use software for businesses

DEBT COLLECT PLUS <p>DEBT COLLECT PLUS makes business debt collection easy and provides you with an on line cloud based system that gives you full control to pursue outstanding accounts at the click of a button whenever you want to, wherever you are. PC, Laptop, iPad, iPhone access</p> <p>Demand letters are sent under the name of a real debt recovery company but there is NO COMMISSION to pay when you use this service, just purchase the letters you need and you are ready to go. No debt amount limits.</p> Cloud based COMMISSION FREE! debt collection - easy to use software for businesses
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AutoEntry automates data entry by posting receipts, invoices and statements into MYOB

AutoEntry <p>AutoEntry automates data entry by accurately and securely, capturing and posting receipts, invoices, statements, bills and more into MYOB. </p> <p>AutoEntry makes users more productive, by letting them focus on running their business rather than doing admin. It leverages advanced learnings in artificial intelligence (AI) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to help its customers reduce time spent on paperwork and gain a competitive edge in their industry. </p> <p>Available as a web and mobile app, businesses prefer AutoEntry due to its flexible pricing and broad range of features. </p> <p><strong>Customer benefits:</strong><br /> - Flexible document capture: AutoEntry automates the capture of data from scanned and photographed images of bank and credit card statements, bills, invoices, expenses, receipts and more<br /> - Full line item detail: AutoEntry accurately captures full line items, including the description, unit price and quantity for each line <br /> - Purchase order matching: AutoEntry syncs captured invoices to matching, open purchase orders <br /> - Smart analysis: AutoEntry remembers how users analyse and process invoices and receipts, including which supplier account, nominal and tax codes are assigned<br /> - A secure platform: AutoEntry employs best practice security policies, including encryption across the platform</p> <p><strong>Getting started:</strong><br /> - Scan, snap or email a copy of the document you want to capture <br /> - AutoEntry extracts and analyzes your data <br /> - Once done, items will appear in your inbox for you to approve into MYOB</p> <p> Get your <a href="">free trial of AutoEntry today</a>.</p> AutoEntry automates data entry by posting receipts, invoices and statements into MYOB
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Recurring Billing. Simplified

Rerun <p>Rerun allows you to process recurring, subscription or membership invoices and payments, automate your customer email communication and manage failed transactions and time-consuming exceptions.</p> <p>Automate your billing workflow by processing customer payments based on your unique business needs.</p> <p>Easily handle declines and exceptions. Spend less time dealing with failed payments and expiring credit cards.</p> <p>Manage customer or client communication by automatically sending customized emails based on configurable trigger events.</p> <p>Sync your customers, items, taxes and successful payments between Rerun and MYOB AccountRight.</p> <p>Set up a secure, hosted Checkout process so that your customers to register for your services without lifting a finger.</p> <p>Great for any business billing their customers on a recurring basis, such as:</p> <li>Accountants</li> <li>Auto Detailing</li> <li>Bookkeepers</li> <li>Clubs & Organizations</li> <li>Consultants</li> <li>Dance Studios</li> <li>Daycare Centers</li> <li>Delivery Services</li> <li>Dog Walkers</li> <li>Fitness Centers</li> <li>Home Security Systems</li> <li>House Cleaning Businesses</li> <li>Lawn Care & Landscaping Services</li> <li>Marketing Firms</li> <li>Martial Arts & Karate Classes</li> <li>Massage Therapy & Spa</li> <li>Music Teachers</li> <li>Nonprofits</li> <li>Pest Control</li> <li>Pet Sitters</li> <li>Personal Trainers</li> <li>Phone & Internet Services</li> <li>Pool Cleaners</li> <li>Private Schools & Institutions</li> <li>Property Management</li> <li>Religious Organizations</li> <li>Self Storage Facilities</li> <li>Shared Workspaces</li> <li>Small Businesses</li> <li>Subscription Boxes</li> <li>Tech & Computer Support</li> <li>Tutoring & Learning Centers</li> <li>Water Delivery Services</li> <li>Web Designers & Developers</li> <li>Weight Loss Centers</li> Recurring Billing. Simplified
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Risk free, free-to-use application which empowers businesses to recover on bad debt

Ezi Debt Collection <p>EDC automates the collection of your debts by systematically progressing through an authentic, legitimate debt collection process.</p> <p>Ezi Debt Collection integrates with industry-leading accounting software. You tell us about the debt and let EDC do all the work for you.</p> <p>Although we utilise a stern process, our objective is to maintain good relations with your clients and give them a simple, easy to use collection system to enable them to pay you. It's all about the end game. If they still can't pay, you can follow through further procedure to list them as bad creditors to Credit Agencies, to ensure that this problem doesn't happen to anyone else. However, this is only used as a last resort, and we find that 99% of the time, this process isn't even required.</p> Risk free, free-to-use application which empowers businesses to recover on bad debt
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Get paid simply, easily and quickly. Access the cash you need to grow to your potential

finstro <p><strong>Get paid simply, easily and quickly. Access the cash you need to grow to your potential.</strong></p> <p>Finstro keeps track of your debtors, their credit rating, their outstanding invoices and allows you to automate and personalize your collections process, allowing you to save time and keep that personal touch with your clients.</p> <p>Run credit checks and monitor your large clients to protect your business from poor paying customers.</p> <h2>PAY AND CLEAR INVOICES</h2> <p>Finstro can pay your supplier invoices for you, allowing you to spread the cost over monthly instalments. Or you can seamlessly select outstanding invoices and get paid right away, repaying once your customer pays. it's that simple.</p> <h2>SMART CASH ADVANCES</h2> <p>Access cash advance facilities that work within your business's budget, helping you grow sustainably.</p> <h2>AUTOMATE - SPEND TIME BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS NOT CHASING CUSTOMERS</h2> <p>Automate your collections process and spend time building your business, knowing you've got cash flow at the tip of your fingers when growth opportunities or unexpected expenses appear.</p> Get paid simply, easily and quickly. Access the cash you need to grow to your potential
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Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices.

Timelio <p>Growing businesses need extra cash to pay suppliers, hire new staff, expand production and fuel growth. Timelio enables you to improve cash flow and receive early payment on your customer invoices.</p> <p>You select which invoices to fund, when you need it. You’re not locked in to minimum or maximum funding limits, so that you have control over your cash flow.</p> <p>Timelio can fund your Australian or overseas invoices, providing a flexible, trusted and personalised online service with a fast turnaround, no lock-in contract and no exit or joining fees.</p> <p>Simply apply for funding with Timelio <a href="">here</a> and follow the easy step-by-step process.<br /> 1. Provide your company information and ID<br /> 2. Link your MYOB account<br /> 3. Once approved, upload invoices for funding</p> <h4>Here’s what our customers are saying:</h4> <p><em>“I love Timelio. As a BAS Agent with clients in many varied industries, the funding options offered by Timelio are fantastic. It is flexible, fast settlement and very easy to account for. I highly recommend it.”</em><br /> Heather, <strong>BAS Agent</strong>, Geelong</p> <p><em>“Timelio is user friendly and their rates are very competitive compare to other providers. Ability to select and fund invoices provide flexibility and is cost effective. Timelio is a very valuable business partner and I highly recommend anyone looking for invoice financing to give Timelio a go.”</em><br /> Rohit, <strong>Head of Finance</strong>, Sydney</p> <p><em>“Timelio have done a fantastic job with increasing our company's cashflow. Their "no fuss" approach to each transaction has taken the headache out of the financing process and made life very simple for us. We would highly recommend Timelio to any business looking to improve their cashflow position.”</em><br /> Nadia, <strong>Office Manager</strong>, Gold Coast</p> <p><a href="">Check out the case studies</a> to find out how businesses have used Timelio to fund their growth.</p> Fast and flexible funding. Receive early payment on your customer invoices.

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