Add-ons for MYOB in CRM

$149.60 per user
AccountRight Classic

The most comprehensive link between ACT! and MYOB AccountRight products.

ACT! Link for MYOB <ul> <li>Synchronise contact details & your price list between ACT! and MYOB</li> <li>Display customer sales history & account status in ACT! without opening MYOB.</li> <li>Lookup ACT! contacts based on MYOB data, such as outstanding accounts.</li> <li>View/create/print/e-mail quotes, orders & invoices from ACT!</li> <li>Copy ACT! opportunities to MYOB quotes/orders/invoices.</li> <li>Create new ACT! opportunities from existing MYOB Item quotes/orders/invoices.</li> <li>View MYOB inventory, stock on hand & sell price from ACT!</li> <li>Users without access to MYOB can still use the link (if you wish).</li> <li>Works over the Internet for remote users.</li> <li>Uses the latest programming technology for the fastest performance.</li> <li>Supports all current & recent versions of ACT!, MYOB and Windows.</li> <li>User licences are “per ACT! user name”, not “per computer”.</li> <li>Free updates & next-day remote assistance for 12 months.</li> <li>New features added quarterly.</li> </ul> The most comprehensive link between ACT! and MYOB AccountRight products. AXT! CRM
$2,645, includes x2, 4 hour training sessions on site.
AccountRight Classic Retail Manager

Keep track of your customers

youGROW CRM <p>The laborious process of identifying groups of customers with similar tastes, buying habits and demograpchic characteristics is a way of the past. youGROW is the first and only commercially available marketing database that allows you to use both the customer contact AND purchase information.<p> <p>Would you like to:</p> <ul> <li>Send thank you letters to last week’s new customers - in 30 seconds or less?</li> <li>Find your clients who have bought a particular product or service from you, and send personalised communications - in around 30 seconds?</li> <li>Easily see and communicate with your best customers based on when they last bought, how many times they have bought, and how much they have spent - in around 30 seconds?</li> <li>Find and communicate with everyone who has not bought from you for any period of time - in around 30 seconds?</li> </ul> If the idea of handling all of your customer communication requirements in 5 minutes per week over a cup of coffee appeals, the youGROW is a must. <p>It's powerful, but simple and quick to use. And we include 8 hours' onsite training in the purchase price, to get you up and running with your first 2 campaigns - you start seeing immediate results.</o> Keep track of your customers CRM
$1495 per user + ALF

Customise and extend your Sales Order screen

Symphony <p><strong>SYMPHONY - Customise and extend your Sales Order screen</strong></p> <p><strong>Sales Orders</strong><br /> Customise and extend your Sales Order screen<br> Back to back ordering - Create purchase orders from a sales order<br> Show previous sales overview on sales order screen<br> Batch printing of Sales Orders<br> On The Fly Builds<br> Create new orders based on back ordered items<br> Add notes back to the customer directly from the sales order screen<br> Minimise switching between sales order screen and customer screens<br> Customisable additional details<br> Quick Pick Item Extras - Select items to add to a sales order based on previous sales</p> <p><strong>Telemarketing Call Lists</strong><br /> Create customizable call schedules<br> Create Sales orders from call list screen<br> Reschedule calls on the fly</p> <strong>Production</strong><br> Extended Bill of Materials / Works order functionality<br> Extra fields in BOMS / Works Orders<br> Multi-Level BOMs -BOM's made up from other BOM's and other normal stock items.<br> Interactive build options - build screen can record actual time taken and actual produced to give more accurate wastage reports.</p> Customise and extend your Sales Order screen
AccountRight Classic

The only true workflow solution – connecting the ACT! Contact Manager and MYOB Live.

Xact Link for ACT! <h5>What is ACT!?</h5> ACT! is a contact manager that makes it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of everyone you do business with. Use ACT! to: <ul> <li>Manage Contacts</li> <li>Manage your day-to-day activities</li> <li>Manage sales opportunities</li> <li>Manage sales & marketing activities</li> <li>Manage overall business performance</li> <li>What is the Xact Link for ACT! and MYOB?</li> </ul> The Xact Link for ACT! integrates the MYOB AccountRight and ACT! Contact Management software applications. With this link, sales people can view important account information and sales history from within ACT! This is the only ACT! link for MYOB with no ongoing fees: <ul> <li>Create a connection between your Customer Records in ACT! and their corresponding Cards in MYOB without having to wait for a synchronisation process</li> <li>Create and update MYOB Customer Cards directly from ACT!</li> <li>View customer purchasing profiles and account status from within ACT!</li> <li>Create and manage quotes, orders and invoices directly from ACT! using up-to-date pricing and inventory data <li>Email sales documents to clients using custom templates, direct from ACT!</li> <li>View accounts receivable from within ACT!</li> <li>Report on key MYOB data from within ACT!</li> </ul> To see a video demonstration for the Xact link for ACT! and MYOB <a href=""> click here</a> The only true workflow solution – connecting the ACT! Contact Manager and MYOB Live. CRM

Container Tracking for MYOB Advanced

Container Tracking <p>Container Tracking for MYOB Advanced allows companies to view inventory in transit by allowing users to create container information tracking transactions. Items in transit can be easily loaded from existing purchase orders into container transactions created by selecting entire purchase orders, specific lines of a purchase order, or partial quantity of a purchase order line.</p> <p>Users are able to track the container status using user-defined container status codes such as; on the water, customs, inland transit, foreign dock. In addition, this enhancement allows for tracking of the expected and actual departure & arrival dates, payment due date as well as custom & duty information. The landed costs info is entered at the container level and is allocated to each item in the container. Landed Costs are loaded into created Receipts of Goods transactions for the container.</p> Container Tracking for MYOB Advanced
$45+GST per user per month
AccountRight Live

Tall Emu Web CRM shares data with MYOB to remove duplicate entry of customers & sales data

Tall Emu Web CRM <p><strong>Special deal:</strong> 50% off until end of financial year 2019 for MYOB customers.</p> <p>Tall Emu Web CRM shares data with MYOB to remove duplicate entry of customers, products and sales data. Tall Emu links up with MailChimp, Burst SMS, 60 different freight companies, Campaign monitor and of course MYOB to get your data into a system to track and manage your leads and customers. Once your MYOB is linked with Tall Emu, you're able to generate web-based quotes in moments, which can be emailed or sent to your customers by SMS. Your customers can accept these quotes and transfer the sales data into MYOB saving you time and keystrokes! You can get a trial of Tall Emu directly on our website and check it out for yourself with no obligation.</p> Tall Emu Web CRM shares data with MYOB to remove duplicate entry of customers & sales data
Retail Manager

Set up your own Loyalty programme for minimal cost awarding points directly from RM

iTV Loyalty Rewards <p>iTV Loyalty Rewards is a purpose built, card based, Loyalty Programme that allows your customers to present a card, earn points, win random prizes and redeem points for benefits. iTV has a Loyalty system for your business, over 200 nationally now use Loyalty Rewards.</p> <p>Random prizes are set at store level, their frequency is set at store level and the points per dollar sale, are set at store level, giving you the business owners, the flexibility to be as promotional as you like.</p> The in store process for the Loyalty Programme operates as follows:</br> # The Staff member changes Customer number in MYOB RM to Card number and asks the customer for date and month of birth</br> # Staff reads bar code on card into Programme on the desktop, the programme then searches the Loyalty database for the member, then goes to MYOB RM database and extracts relevant information and writes to the Loyalty database. (once only operation) Staff then input the date of birth into Loyalty.</p> Once entered, the customer then selects today’s purchase.</br> At the register, the staff member enters sale normally against the customer using the bar code to identify the customer in MYOB RM </p> <p>At the start of each day Loyalty reads yesterday's sales from MYOB RM and awards points to the customer’s history in the Loyalty database</p> <p>On their next visit the customer presents card, is recognized by Loyalty, and their current points are displayed. If the customer has enough points they may choose to redeem points for Redemption Prizes or Cash off, determined at individual stores. (Number of redemption Points for each prize is set by you)</p> <p>It is perfect for small business</p> Set up your own Loyalty programme for minimal cost awarding points directly from RM Touchscreen Loyalty Customer Loyalty Loyalty Rewards Customer Mail Out Cards
3rd Party Integration   From $49/month
AccountRight Live Essentials

Automatically sync Salesforce with MYOB AccountRight

Salesforce - OneSaas <h2>Integrate Salesforce and MYOB AccountRight Live</h2> <p>With these apps automatically sharing data, you’ll save hours of work – leaving you more time for business!</p> <p>Perfect for B2B Sales, Services and eCommerce.</p> <h4>Your accounting, completely automated</h4> <p>When an opportunity is created in Salesforce, the invoice and customer is created in MYOB AccountRight Live.</p> <h4>Salesforce always gets kept up-to-date</h4> <p>When an invoice is created in MYOB AccountRight Live, an opportunity and account is created in Salesforce.</p> <h4>Keep your products in sync</h4> <p>When products are created or updated, they are synced both ways between Salesforce and MYOB AccountRight Live.</p> <h4>Automate your entire business with OneSaas</h4> <p>Conect all the apps you use to run your business, including ecommerce, fulfillment, billing & invoicing and email marketing. More than <href="""">30+ of the leading services</a> are supported.</p> <h4>Get started with OneSaas for free</h4> <p>Sign up for a <a href="""">free 7-day trial</a>. No obligation. No credit card required.<br> Pricing starts from $29 /month.</p> <br> <p><b>OneSaas. With your business apps getting along, everyone's happy.</b></p> Automatically sync Salesforce with MYOB AccountRight Leads Salesforce automation 3rd Party Accounts CRM Contacts Opportunities
3rd Party Integration   From $49/month
AccountRight Live Essentials

Automatically synch Zoho CRM with MYOB AccountRight

Zoho CRM - OneSaas <h3>Automatically sync Zoho with MYOB AccountRight</h3> <p>Forget spreadsheets, time-wasting sync-ups or manual data transfers. Get these two apps happily teamed up, making your life easier. <br /><br /> <h4>Some of the ways these apps get along:</h4> <ul> <li><strong>Contacts</strong> - when a contact is created / updated in MYOB AccountRight: <br />- the contact to be added / updated in Zoho CRM</li> <li><strong>Products</strong> - when a product is created / updated in MYOB AccountRight: <br />- the product to be added / updated in Zoho CRM</li> <li><strong>Products</strong> - when a product is created / updated in Zoho CRM: <br />- the product to be added / updated in MYOB AccountRight</li> <li><strong>Invoices</strong> - when a sales invoice is created in Zoho CRM: <br />- the sales invoice and the contact to be created in MYOB AccountRight <br />- the customer will be created in MYOB AccountRight</li> </ul> <br /> <h4>When your business apps get along, everyone's happy</h4> <ul><li>Connect your apps in minutes, not hours</li> <li>Sync your data hourly or daily (depending on your plan) </li> <li>No set up fees and no contracts</li> <li>Get started for free</li><ul> <br /> <h4>Sync more than 35 other apps with OneSaas</h4> <p>OneSaas automatically makes sure the data in your apps is always the same. If anything doesn't match, we'll let you know – it's all part of the service. </p> <br /> <h4>OneSaas. Now everyone's happy.</h4> <p> <a href="" class="btn btn-primary btn-lg btn-block" onclick="_add_on_ga('send', 'event', 'addon-details', 'inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', '150 (onesaas-bigcommerce)');_add_on_ga('devTracker.send', 'event', 'myob-addon-event', 'myob-listing-inDescriptionFreeNow-btn', 'onesaas-bigcommerce');" >Get started with your <strong>free</strong> plan!</a> </p> Automatically synch Zoho CRM with MYOB AccountRight Leads ZohoCRM 3rd Party Contacts Zoho automation Accounts CRM Opportunities
AccountRight Live Retail Manager AccountRight Classic

A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia & New Zealand

Direct CONTROL <p>A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia, New Zealand and other countries.</p> <ul> <li>All automated Software and fee updates for Medicare, DVA, Health Funds, WorkCover (All States) and AMA as they are due keeping old fees for prior billing</li> <li>Opportunity to ‘grow your business’ as Direct CONTROL is Multi-Disciplinary and accommodates billing and scheduling needs for ALL Medical Disciplines (Allied Health, GP, Specialists, Haematologists, Radiation Oncologists, Radiologist, Pathologist, Anaesthetist, Assistants in Surgery, Day and Overnight Hospital Stays from Admission to Discharge to include Statutory Reporting).</li> <li>Manage your Workflow per logon with customisable dashboards</li> <li>Take Client Photo (with their permission)</li> <li>Client Contact Management</li> <li>Track Referrers/Surgeons and report on revenue generated from Referrers/Surgeons</li> <li>Full Appointment History</li> <li>Add ‘non-billing entities’ at no additional cost. For example: Clinics, Appointments with Nurses, etc and report on revenue generated from each.</li> <li>Integrate with Outlook to view on your mobile device or use Direct CONNECT Web Service. You have the best of both desktop and browser access. <ul> <li>Provider Portal</li> <li>Client Portal to include Perioperative Questionnaire</li> <li>On Call App</li> </ul> </li> <li>Generate Informed Financial Consent (aka Estimate or Quote) in seconds and convert to invoice</li> <li>Email and SMS from Direct CONTROL @ 8.8 cents or less per SMS (Other Providers charge around 22 cents per SMS)</li> <li>Take Prepayments, generate Invoices and Receipts, Refunds and Write-offs … all fully audited</li> <li>Export directly to your accounting application … MYOB (preferred)</li> <li>Entities/Locations can have their own Accounting File</li> <li>Includes Medicare Australia Online Functionality for Direct Billing (Bulk Bill, DVA, Health Funds, Patient Claiming, ECLIPSE and In Hospital Claiming) and Verification and Online Eligibility Checks (OEC). Direct CONTROL has Notices of Integration with the very latest Medicare Client Adaptor.</li> <li>Setup <a href=""></a> for online EFTPOS payments (no need for the EFTPOS/Tyro machine on desks) … take pre-authorisations</li> <li>Setup BPay for automatic receipting</li> <li>Private, Pensioner/HCC, WorkCover, Medico-Legal and Third Party billing</li> <li>Clinical Module to bring all detail together or link to other Clinical Programmes of choice (optional) <ul> <li>Admissions</li> <li>Allergies</li> <li>Clinical Alerts</li> <li>Communications</li> <li>Medications … <a href="">MIMS Integration for prescriptions</a> (being finalised now) … additional cost</li> <li>Observations</li> <li>Progress Notes</li> <li>Reminders/Recalls</li> <li>Requests and Results</li> </ul> </li> <li>Referral Management and Reporting</li> <li>Communications Management</li> <li>Own a tablet? Then take advantage of Handwriting Notes and Drawing</li> <li>Utilise Windows Voice Recognition</li> <li>Secure Messaging with Medical-Objects or Argus CONNECT … additional cost</li> <li>Client/Patient Correspondence with Microsoft Office or scan or import directly into the Client/Patient Record. Can also just drag and drop.</li> <li>Import Images and view within the Client/Patient Record</li> <li>Financial Reporting at its best</li> <li>On-line content to assist with staff training and support</li> <li>Links throughout to relevant web sites</li> </ul> A Patient Administration System (PAS) for all medical disciplines Australia & New Zealand medical general practice surgeon veteinary
AccountRight Classic

Legrand CRM is a very practical CRM system integrating with MYOB, Outlook & your website.

Legrand CRM <h2>Look After Your Number 1 Asset - Your Customers</h2> <p>Legrand CRM provides a central, shared repository of all your activities with clients, prospects and suppliers. All client interactions (email, phone, meetings, etc...) are easily recorded and shared to empower your workforce with complete knowledge on the account. At a glance you can see when the last interaction took place, and what was it about.</p> <p>Complete Prospect to Customer Management</p> <p>Whether you generate prospects through outbound marketing or incoming leads, Legrand CRM's Opportunities module will manage your sales funnel to ensure nothing will fall through the cracks. When a prospect becomes a client you can create a new customer account in MYOB without having to rekey the data.</p> <p>Drive Repeat Business From Your Current Client Base</p> <p>Track sales of key accounts and ensure sales targets are on track, ensure key accounts are regularly called, instantly build a target list of clients that have bought particular products for upselling or cross selling opportunities, track items that require after sales activities instantly.</p> Legrand CRM is a very practical CRM system integrating with MYOB, Outlook & your website. crm

Amplify your MYOB EXO by unlocking value through integration.

Jitterbit <h3>MYOB EXO Connector - Jitterbit</h3> Jitterbit delivers powerful, flexible and easy to use data and application integration software. With currently 600+ available connectors, there aren't many application that we can't connect to. Jitterbit is designed for the technical business analyst, allowing non-developers to solve the challenges of application data, and business process integration between on-premise and cloud systems. The EXO Connector will bridge the gap to the rest of your organisation's environment and eliminate application silos. <h3>What can Jitterbit do for you?</h3> <ul> <li>Integrate corporate databases and CRM applications</li> <li>Automate electronic order processes across systems</li> <li>Consolidate corporate data to offer as a Web Service</li> <li>Synchronize inventories across multiple partners</li> <li>Transform data into multiple B2B formats</li> <li>Consolidate disparate data from multiple locations</li> <li>Eliminate manual data entry and double handling</li> </ul> <h3>Integrate Anything</h3> <ul> <li>based connectors for enterprise applications</li> <li>Connect to any SOAP or REST web service</li> <li>Complete ODBC and JDBC database connectivity</li> <li>Large Data Volume support for record-breaking speed</li> <li>Source Validation checks and filters data on-the-fly.</li> </ul> <p>Backed by our champion support and services team, our platform is the most powerful yet simple integration platform available.</p> <p><a href="">Contact us</a> and connect your EXO today!</p> Amplify your MYOB EXO by unlocking value through integration.
from $48/month
EXO Advanced AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live Essentials

PEPPERI is the mobile B2B commerce platform for brands & wholesalers

Pepperi <style> li ul li { margin-bottom: 3px !important; } </style> <p>Pepperi offers growing brands and wholesalers unmatched sales agility with an all-in-one B2B commerce platform. Businesses easily configure Pepperi’s enterprise-grade software – with endless flexibility – to sell smarter, sell bigger, and sell faster. </p> <p>Our platform uniquely combines field sales automation, retail merchandising, and B2B e-commerce into an integrated mobile solution that runs natively on all devices to maximize in-person and online B2B sales. </p> <p>Over 1,000 businesses worldwide profit from Pepperi's platform by transacting more than $1B every quarter. Learn how to seize your sales opportunities at</p> <h3>Pepperi main modules:</h3> <ul> <li><strong><a href="">e-Catalog</a> that sells for you</strong> <ul> <li>e-Catalog includes unlimited dynamic categories for all your products</li> <li>Merchandising is easy with high resolution photos, multiple view options, and customizable fields</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong><a href="">Order taking </a>is fast &amp; easy</strong> <ul> <li>Mobile ordering is faster than you can imagine with Pepperi</li> <li>Order tracker lets you track past orders and set up future order dates</li> <li>Order management options include flexible discount policies</li> <li>Ordering and selling are easier than ever with our flexible tools</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Increase order size with upselling &amp; cross-selling</strong> <ul> <li>Buy X, Get Y Free</li> <li>Buy X, Get Y at Z% discount</li> <li>Buy from list X and get from list Y</li> <li>Tiered discounts</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Win at the shelf with <a href="">in-store merchandising</a></strong> <ul> <li>Plan the which in-store activities are to be performed by your field agents, schedule store visits, and map the routes to take</li> <li>Capture in-store activities using mobile forms that are completely customizable</li> <li>Perform stock-taking, picture taking, planogram audits, and customer satisfaction surveys</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Sell-through visibility with inventory tracking</strong> <ul> <li>Pair Pepperi with a UPC barcode scanner to leverage Pepperi as an in-store inventory scanner</li> <li>Gain sell-through visibility to minimize dead inventory at the stores, and to optimize manufacturing</li> <li>Track sales and purchases with Pepperi’s barcode scanner</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong><a href="">Pepperi CRM tool</a> integrates with Pepperi e-Commerce Storefront</strong> <ul> <li>Pepperi integrates seamlessly with Pepperi e-Commerce Storefront, a self-service ordering app for retail stores</li> <li>Manage sales quickly and conveniently - distributors and retailers order straight from your website or mobile app</li> <li>Sales reps have immediate visibility into self-service orders placed by their B2B customers</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong><a href="">Enterprise-grade mobile salesforce automation (SFA)</a></strong> <ul> <li>SFA made easy with mobile apps that are fully and easily configurable, running on Android, iOS, and Windows mobile devices.</li> <li>State-of-the-art security (ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402 certified) ensures that your data is safe and never compromised.</li> <li>Mobile CRM designed to easily integrate with the existing ERP and Accounting systems that run your business</li> </ul> </li> <li><strong>Industry-specific demos</strong> <ul> <li>Mobile CRM tool includes pre-built demos for dozens of industries</li> <li>Fully functional free trial available for download with no commitment</li> </ul> </li> </ul> <p>Business management is easier than ever with Pepperi sales rep app, whether you own a small business or are a large wholesaler. CRM tools for field agents, field sales, mobile ordering, order management, retail merchandising, productivity and activities tracking, sales tracking and more are included.</p> <p>Get a 360 degree view of your business and customer interactions with Pepperi. Download today!</p> <p>Pepperi runs on Android devices with the following minimum requirements: 7" tablet, Android 4.0, 512MB RAM, 1024X768 resolution.</p> PEPPERI is the mobile B2B commerce platform for brands & wholesalers
Contact Flow Software for pricing
EXO Advanced AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Flow Integration & EDI middleware enables integration with any business application

Flow Software The Flow platform is a powerful integration engine with a small IT footprint. It provides a single solution for connecting business applications, translating incoming data, communicating data to trading partners and automating business processes. Flow is a powerful solution for integrating disparate applications and data into one overall system. Flow Software provides a ready to run Middleware product (Flow) which delivers EDI and system integration capability with a full service offering. Flow may simply automate the movement of data from one system to another, or it may apply processes to transform, reformat or restructure the data enabling one system to communicate effectively with another. Since 2005 Flow Software has enabled over 500 customers across New Zealand and Australia integrate to more than 150 distinct business applications using the Flow integration engine. Follow Flow Software on LinkedIn for industry news and company updates. Flow Integration & EDI middleware enables integration with any business application
Prices start from $8/month
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Integrates MYOB to Maximizer’s award winning CRM system through an easy to use interface

MaxtoMYOB <p>CRMCentral specialise in Customer Relationship Management systems (Maximizer, Microsoft CRM, ZOHO). This allows us to provide effective solutions to improve the way our clients find new customers, manage the sales process, manage the communication process and build life-long relationships with their clients. Our focus is on our customers' needs and supplying the best possible solution in terms of current technology and the customer’s resources.</p> Integrates MYOB to Maximizer’s award winning CRM system through an easy to use interface
$20 per user per month + $3000 setup fees
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Integrate Salesforce with MYOB and eliminate manual data entry.

Arxxus Salesforce connector for MYOB <p>The purpose of an application like our MYOB Connector is to eliminate the manual data entry between Salesforce and MYOB to avoid double work. The connector is an easy plug-in that has the ability to automatically create an invoice in MYOB when a Salesforce opportunity reaches a certain stage (configurable to your internal requirements), automatically create cards in MYOB for new opportunity account, create products in salesforce based on items in MYOB and much more...</p> Integrate Salesforce with MYOB and eliminate manual data entry.
AccountRight Classic AccountRight Live

Dynamics CRM MYOB Connector

myConnect <p>myConnect provides smooth integration between Dynamics CRM 2011 and MYOB AccountRight, bridging the gap between customer activity and their financial profile. Data will no longer need to be entered twice, eliminating costly errors and giving you extra time to concentrate on more important tasks.</p> <p>Eliminating the mundane task of having to enter data twice greatly reduces the likelihood of costly errors and inconsistency.</p> <p>Invoice and payment history* is available in both Dynamics CRM and MYOB therefore all authorised users can access this information for themselves rather than going to the account manager.</p> <p>Workflow rules can automate processes such as notification emails to customers increasing efficiency.</p> Dynamics CRM MYOB Connector
Prices start from $19/month
AccountRight Live AccountRight Classic Essentials

Job Management Made Easy- everything from quotes, jobs, purchasing, invoices to payments.

Ascora <h3>Ascora – Job Scheduling and Operations Made Easy</h3> <p>Ascora is a real-time job management and operations system designed specifically for a mobile workforce.It&#39;s an all-in-one solution for reducing administration overheads, improving productivity and boosting profits by providing quotes, job scheduling, invoices and business reporting on your iPad, iPhone, PC or Android device.</p> <p>Work everywhere with our offline mode and automatic background sync when back online. &nbsp; Take photos against your jobs.Create an invoice in the field from a single tap and take credit card payments.Not only have you already been paid for the job but it&#39;s also been automatically and seamlessly sent through to your MYOB.</p> <p>Get started today with Ascora under a simple pricing structure with unlimited web users for a flat rate and a per mobile user per month subscription which all come with unlimited telephone and email support, no lock-in contracts and free accounting integration!</p> <p>Reclaim your time and take your business to the next level with Ascora!</p> <br/> <h3>Who is Ascora for?</h3> <p>Designed for mobility and the cloud, Ascora is perfect for businesses of any size from 1 to 1,000 users. It is built specifically as a platform for a mobile work force and suitable but NOT LIMITED to the following:</p> <ul> <li>Air Conditioning </li> <li>Electricians </li> <li>Plumbers </li> <li>Locksmiths </li> <li>Cleaners </li> <li>Pest Control </li> <li>Property Maintenance </li> <li>Security Installers </li> <li>Photocopier Technicians </li> <li>Lawn mowing and Landscaping </li> </ul> <br/> <h3>Key Features</h3> <p><strong>Drag &amp; Drop Scheduling</strong> – Simply drag and drop your Jobs onto the schedule for your team.Multiple bookings and re-attendances are handled with ease!</p> <p><strong>Quick Quotes</strong> – Kits, Quote Templates and copy functions enable you to quickly and easily generate a Quote.</p> <p><strong>Automated</strong> – Ascora can automatically send reminder SMS to your clients of upcoming bookings, automatically send email and SMS follow ups on any quotes and outstanding invoices.</p> <p><strong>Fully Mobile</strong> – With native apps for iOS and Android you can use Ascora anywhere – even in areas with <strong><i><u>NO mobile reception</u></i></strong>.</p> <p><strong>No more Paper Timesheets</strong> – Simply check in and out of your Jobs and Ascora records all your time throughout the day including travel and general time.</p> <p><strong>Checklists</strong> – Ensures your key processes for Jobs and Quotes are followed so you can rest easy.</p> <p><strong>GPS Tracking</strong> – Tell easily where your team is at any time and find the closest jobs.We’ll even give you turn by turn navigations to get there!</p> <p><strong>Job Done – Get Paid</strong> – Complete the Job, get customer sign-off and process credit cards in the field to get paid immediately.</p> <p><strong>Enterprise Reporting</strong> – Analyse the profitability of all your jobs, lead sources and time utilisation to ensure you stay on top of how your business is performing at all times.</p> <br/> <h3>What’s Included?</h3> <p><strong>Awesome Support</strong> – Free unbeatable unlimited support from our team in Australia.You can pick up the phone anytime and talk to one of the Ascora team (real humans!) or drop us an email if you’d prefer.</p> <p><strong>Unlimited Cloud Storage</strong> – Never worry about backups or storage again – it’s all taken care of by Ascora and stored safely in our Sydney data centre.Also because it’s cloud-based we can easily scale as your business does!</p> <p><strong>Free Accounting Integration</strong> – Push all your Customers, Invoices and Payments through to MYOB at no additional charge and with no double entry!</p> <p><strong>Upgrades and Enhancements</strong> – We’re always working hard on new features to Ascora and genuinely value your feedback and suggestions!</p> <br/> <h3>Get Started with Ascora for free</h3> <p>No credit card, no contracts, no per job costs and no hassles – <a href="">sign up online for a free 14 day trial</a> or speak to one of our friendly consultants on <strong>(08) 6311 5555</strong> to see how Ascora can take your business to the next level! <br/> It’s obligation free, we’re here to help!</p> <p>Pricing starts from just $19 per month.</p> Job Management Made Easy- everything from quotes, jobs, purchasing, invoices to payments.
starts at $300 plus installation
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MiSync synchronises data between MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Microsoft CRM Online

MiSync for MYOB <p>MiSync for MYOB is a solution for directly synchronising data between MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Microsoft CRM Online.</p> <p>The Synchronisation is available both one ways and is configurable according to your needs.</p> <p>MiSync for MYOB is perfect for organisations whose CRM or MYOB users want information kept up to date in both systems without retyping the information.</p> <p>Using MiSync for MYOB you can sync: <ul><li>Customer Cards and Accounts/Contacts</li> <li>MYOB Lookup Lists and Custom Lists to CRM.</li> <li>Products</li> <li>Price Lists</li> <li>Warehouse Information (Classic only)</li> <li>Quotes (Classic only)</li> <li>Orders (Classic only)</li> <li>Invoices and Payments</li> <li>Time Billing information (Classic only)</li> <li>And other related information needed to keep the systems ""in sync""</li></ul> <p>MiSync for MYOB works with AccountRight Plus/Premier/Enterprise, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. For further information and to confirm compatibility with your version of MYOB or CRM, contact Metisc.</p> " MiSync synchronises data between MYOB and Microsoft Dynamics CRM/Microsoft CRM Online CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM Microsoft CRM Online
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sensational mobile technologies

Upvise <p>Vertical Matters delivers sensational mobile technologies that power SME and Enterprise business processes, including: job scheduling, project management, safe work systems, forms design, timesheets, video conferencing, mail, cloud storage and much more.</p> <p>Our turnkey implementation and bespoke software development expertise delivers more than just super cool technology, it provides powerful game changing outcomes that make our customers smile and have the ability to revolutionise industries.</p> <p>We hope to provide continuing information to support our cause and educate those seeking to leap into the big bad world of mobile applications.</p> sensational mobile technologies
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Online credit reporting - Find out which clients pose the biggest risk to your business.

CreditorWatch MYOB Accounting Integration <p>CreditorWatch is an innovative, online credit reporting bureau with over 50,000+ customers across Australia. CreditorWatch users get access to:</p> <p>1. <strong>Easy to Navigate Credit Reports</strong> – Before taking on a new customer, run a credit check on the customer to see if they have any adverse information attached to their credit file. This will help to identify and avoid potential bad debtors. Simply type in their business name, ABN or ACN into the search bar. From there, the interface is designed to easily flag negative debtor activity. An easy-to- read credit score is also present on the profile.<br /> 2. <strong>Monitoring and Alerts</strong> – editorWatch provides 24/7 monitoring of your customers and sends daily alerts so that you never miss a change in a debtor’s circumstances. Whether you wish to monitor one customer or thousands, CreditorWatch will keep an eye on them. If there are any important changes such as payment defaults, court actions, insolvency notices, mercantile enquiries, ABN/ACN changes, you’ll receive an email alert so you can take proactive steps to reduce your exposure to bad debt.<br /> 3. <strong>Debt Collection Tools</strong> – CreditorWatch offers debt collection tools such as letter of demand templates for every stage of the collection process. Users have access to the logo and can place it on their letters of demand. By placing a CreditorWatch logo on invoices and statements, CreditorWatch customers have reported a 53% increased chance of receiving payment and 7 days reduced time to receive a payment.</p> <p>If a customer has not paid after the final demand notice, CreditorWatch users can register a payment default against the debtor. The payment default will affect the debtor’s credit score for up to 5 years and other customers who are monitoring the debtor will receive an alert once the payment default is lodged</p> <p><strong>MYOB Integration</strong>CreditorWatch users also have the option to integrate with their MYOB account for free. By integrating, you are able to access additional features including:<br /> <li><strong>Debtor Analysis</strong> – CreditorWatch will analyse your outstanding debtors and compare them against their credit profiles. The debtors that pose the biggest risk to your business and cash flow will be flagged.</li> <li><strong>Name Match</strong> – Name match is a tool developed by CreditorWatch that helps you identify and verify ABNs of your customers, ensuring you know exactly who you are trading with. It will update your MYOB records when a match is identified.</li> <li><strong>Enriched Credit Reports</strong> – When you view the files of one of your customers, we enrich the profile with your MYOB data so you can better understand how they have been paying you.</li> <li><strong>Automated Credit Checks</strong> - After you add a new contact into MYOB, CreditorWatch will automatically email you a credit report fort that customer</li> </p> <p><strong>Why should you use CreditorWatch? Here are just a few reasons:</strong><br /> 1. Assess the creditworthiness of new customers<br /> 2. Find out when existing customers are in financial distress<br /> 3. Reduce the time it takes to get paid<br /> </p> <p><a href="">Try us for free today</a>.</p> Online credit reporting - Find out which clients pose the biggest risk to your business.
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A Smarter way to recruit, on-board, roster & submit timesheets for payroll

Staffbooks <h3>Conduct your business to new levels of productivity</h3> <br /> <h4>Build a happy workforce and a more efficient back office.</h4> <br /> <p>StaffBooks web cloud and smart phone apps provide cost effective and smarter ways to:</p> <ul> <li>Recruit &amp; on-board new employees</li> <li>Induct, train and provide employer - employee compliance</li> <li>Roster &amp; job schedule across one or numerous locations</li> <li>Gather infield response from your employees before, when and after they work</li> <li>Enormous flexibility for processing online timesheets</li> <li>Take the pain out of payroll, track staff expenses and even automatically bill clients for employee work</li> </ul> <p>StaffBooks is a beautifully designed mobile responsive workforce management system that is also available through smart phone app stores.</p> <p> The platform is vertical so all clients enjoy the luxury of constant free upgrades and improvements. StaffBooks is truly a world leading enterprise workforce management system. Contact us today to arrange a free demonstration.</p> A Smarter way to recruit, on-board, roster & submit timesheets for payroll Leave tracking induction employee compliance roster Time Sheet Time and Attendance payruns and payroll staff - employee training
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CreataCRM keeps you using what you're familiar with - which is MYOB!

CreataCRM <p>CreataCRM keeps you using what is familiar, which is MYOB. It also provides those additional features & functions your Business needs from a premium CRM system. CreataCRM enables you to better manage Contacts, Leads, Sales, Project’s & Jobs effectively & flexibly. CreataCRM will give you access to Interactive Reporting Tools, Inventory Management, Email Marketing and a VoiP/PBX as well as a starting point. </p> <p>The features available to you are extensive. CreataCRM will centralise all data (both MYOB & CreataCRM) in one location which is then accessible on any device. Responsive via Mobile, Tablets and PC/MAC, CreataCRM with MYOB enables the user to create Invoices, Back Orders, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders and much more. CreataCRM syncs to MYOB AccountRight Live and links to MYOB Classic, creating a turn key solution with greater accountancy flexibility. </p> CreataCRM keeps you using what you're familiar with - which is MYOB!
MYOB Greentree

Bringing ecommerce functionality to Greentree

Ensemble Greentree integration <p>To bring ecommerce functionality to Greentree, we created a direct integration with our Ensemble ecommerce platform.</p> <p>The two platforms talk using a combination of the Greentree API and custom webhooks. We perform a 'total sync' via the API picking up all data, then every 5 minutes we look for any changes to update. For items that don't have 'modified dates' we use webhooks to alert the website and update as soon as a change happens. We also use the API to send all orders direct to Greentree for processing.</p> <p><strong>Product management</strong><br />All products are managed on Greentree and synced to the website. This makes Greentree a single source of truth, removing any double handling of data. For all products we sync;<br />- Product name<br />- Product text<br />- Custom (user defined) fields<br />- Stock levels<br />- Pricing (including advanced customer pricing)<br />- Image assets (via Amazon S3 or other shared storage)<br /><br /><strong>Collection/Category management</strong><br />Categories can either be synced via the Greentree tree system or managed in Ensemble. Choosing to manage via trees will keep products organised on both systems in the same way. In some instances, you may want your online catalogue to be organised differently. Opting to use Ensemble you can have full control over your online catalogue without affecting your Greentree system.</p> <p><strong>Customer management</strong><br />Ensemble allows web customers to connect to their Greentree account. This can either be automated or managed manually as per your preference. Once connected users get access to their advanced pricing and many other Greentree only features. <br />Wait! Not a Greentree customer? That's okay we also allow users to buy as a guest or they can request a Greentree account via the website. This can then be reviewed internally, set-up on Greentree and linked to their online account.<br /><br /><strong>Customer account features</strong><br />Ensemble provides Greentree customers with a selection of features to manage their account. This allows them to perform actions that would otherwise require a call to the sales desk<br />- View/reorder past web orders<br />- Re-order products<br />- View all invoices only, pdf downloads available if uploaded to shared storage via Greentree. Overdue invoices are highlighted.<br />- View all credit notes, pdf downloads available if uploaded to shared storage via Greentree <br />- View all deliveries, pdf downloads available if uploaded to shared storage via Greentree<br />- View outstanding account balance(s) and make online payments<br />- View/manage a list of saved baskets and favourites products<br />- Create sub-accounts to allow multiple people to order on behalf of the same company<br />- Export price lists based on the users custom pricing</p> <p><strong>Order management</strong><br />All orders (guest and account) are passed directly into Greentree. This allows Greentree users to process them in the same way as non-web orders.</p> <p><strong>Payment options</strong><br />Payment options can be configured globally or per-user via settings inside Greentree.<br />- Payment on account, if enabled for the customer the website can authorise payment via their trade account. You can also choose to accept all orders or take their available credit into consideration. <br />- Online payments, if enabled for the customer the website can take payment via the chosen payment gateway. This will allow credit/debit card payments and/order online servers like PayPal. Guest orders are always processed using online payments.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Bringing ecommerce functionality to Greentree webstore shop ecommerce API advanced pricing stock management online ecommerce
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An all-encompassing, effective communications strategy for local businesses

Amplifier <p>Amplifier is the only low-cost marketing tool that executes your complete digital strategy for you: up to 15 functions all working to complement one another and maximise your exposure, 24/7. All you have to do is input customers – the rest is done for you.</p> <p><strong>Facts</strong><br /> 93% of businesses initiate no contact with their customers after they purchase from them. Yet it is now 8 times more effective to bring back an existing customer than attract a new one. Only 14% of people trust advertising verses 90% who trust peer to peer recommendations 35% of all Google Searches are looking for a local solution, of these 61% result in a purchase and 36.4% of these searches click on the first answer.<br /> 82% of people now consider online reviews as 'valuable' or 'extremely valuable' when making purchase decisions<br /> 71% of businesses plan to spend more on digital marketing this year.</p> <p><strong>Choices</strong><br /> With new ways to effectively communicate your business, you now have some new choices to consider. You have a choice to allocate all of your advertising budget communicating to strangers, or you could also invest in talking directly to your customers that know you, like you, trust you (KULUTU). You can choose to focus on making your business top-of-mind, or recognise that this is no longer where people store information (Google), and that you now also need to ensure you are top-of-list. You can hope word of mouth is your best form of advertising, or you can choose to request it, capture it and spread it.<br /> You can decide to be up-to-date and active where people are spending more and more time, (Social Media) or you can do nothing, and miss out on a huge platform to effectively communicate your business.<br /> The new way to communicate has so many more choices: so you've got a big choice to make: get in the game, or get left behind. And that's where the choice to Amplify your business changes everything - developing your EDGE over your competition.</p> An all-encompassing, effective communications strategy for local businesses
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Provides a secure ecosystem for your employees to connect and collaborate.

nTree Messaging This 2-way messaging is available for free with the purchase of nTree Timesheets. Guaranteed to boost employer engagement, nTree messaging also stores your messaging history so your employees can rest assured that .... Provides a secure ecosystem for your employees to connect and collaborate.
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Integration your custom FileMaker Pro solution with MYOB AccountRight Live

fmAccounting Link <p>fmAccounting Link Link allows you to upload and download data between your FileMaker solution and MYOB AccountRight, the powerful accounting software with business management capabilities that allows you to work off or online. fmAccounting Link removes double data entry and human errors saving your company significant time, money and hassle by automating the exchange of data between FileMaker and MYOB AccountRight.</p> <p>fmAccounting Link is completely unlocked allowing you to integrate it into your FileMaker solution. You can copy and paste examples showing you how to authenticate with the MYOB AccountRight API and upload Contacts, Invoices, Payments and more at the click of a button.</p> <p>fmAccounting Link Link features include:</p> <ul> <li>works with FileMaker Pro v12, v13 and v14</li> <li>completely unlocked</li> <li>can be hosted by FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Server</li> <li>works with Macintosh and Windows</li> <li>works with MYOB AccountRight running in the Cloud or on the Desktop (online and offline)</li> <li>works with MYOB AccountRight Live 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016</li> <li>works with MYOB Essentials</li> </ul> <p>fmAccounting Link (MYOB AccountRight Edition) includes examples for the following MYOB AccountRight API endpoints:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Company Files</strong>: select from all available MYOB AccountRight Company Files that you have access to</li> <li><strong>Contacts</strong>: download and upload Contacts (Customers and Suppliers)</li> <li><strong>Invoices</strong>: download and upload Invoices (including Invoice line items)</li> <li><strong>Items</strong> (Products): download and upload Items (Products price list)</li> <li><strong>Payments</strong>: download and upload Payments against an Invoice</li> <li><strong>Employees</strong>: download and upload Employees</li> <li><strong>Account Codes</strong>: download Account Codes from MYOB AccountRight</li> <li><strong>Tax Codes</strong>: download Tax Codes from MYOB AccountRight</li> <li><strong>Categories</strong>: download Categories from MYOB AccountRight</li> </ul> <p>fmAccounting Link (MYOB Essentials Edition) includes examples for the following MYOB Essentials API endpoints:</p> <ul> <li><strong>Businesses</strong>: select from all available MYOB Essentials Businesses that you have access to</li> <li><strong>Contacts</strong>: download and upload Contacts (Customers and Suppliers)</li> <li><strong>Invoices</strong>: download and upload Invoices (including Invoice line items)</li> <li><strong>Items</strong>: download and upload Items (Products price list)</li> <li><strong>Payments</strong>: upload Payments against an Invoice</li> <li><strong>Account Codes</strong>: download Account Codes from MYOB Essentials</li> <li><strong>Tax Types</strong>: download Tax Types from MYOB Essentials</li> </ul> Integration your custom FileMaker Pro solution with MYOB AccountRight Live
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Sync MYOB AccountRight with CRM-Map, the Custom Map Interface

CRM-Map for MYOB AccountRight <pCRM-Map is the first integrated mapping solution available for MYOB AccountRight. </p> <p><strong>Easily Identify Key Sales Area</strong><br /> Have all your transactions automatically placed as customisable pins on a personal Google Map allowing easy recognition of key sales areas. </p> <p><strong>Expand your Database’s Functionality</strong><br /> Store Photos, notes, documentation, and any extra information you need. CRM-Map allows for the addition of custom forms and fields expanding what your current database is able to do. </p> <p><strong>Create Impacting Visual Marketing Content For your Website</strong><br /> Your personal maps can be easily embedded into any page as read only display. </p> <p><strong>Streamline your process </strong><br /> Reduce the number of applications required to complete a task by generating new contacts, quotes, and invoices in CRM-Map which automatically synch with MYOB AccountRight.<br /> Have staff complete the process was on the road with their personal smart phones or tablets. </p> <p><strong>Get Started for Free</strong><br /> With CRM-Map’s free version you test to ensure your data is being displayed and entered as desired. No obligation. No credit information required. </p> Sync MYOB AccountRight with CRM-Map, the Custom Map Interface
First 40 users: A$5.43/each/month (12 month licence) Next 80 users: A$4.07/each/month (12 month licence) Next 120 users: A$2.46/each/month (12 month licence) Remaining users: $1.36/each/month (12 month licence)
MYOB Greentree

Capture MYOB Greentree timesheets anywhere or anytime.

nTree Timesheets <p>This native mobile application has been built specifically for MYOB Greentree.</p> <p>nTree Timesheets is an applet that is housed within the newly released nTree App. Empower your team with the ability to enter their MYOB Greentree Timesheets from their own mobile.</p> <p><strong>Why you need nTree Timesheets?</strong></p> <ul> <li>Users can capture their timesheets offline, ideal for the remote workforce.</li> <li>Reduces the administration burden of processing late timesheets.</li> <li>Workers are no longer desk-bound.</li> <li>Bring Your Own Device &ndash; Reduces the burden of providing field workers with mobile devices.</li> <li>nTree Timesheets can be purchased straight off the shelf. No need to purchase additional API licences or write interfaces, this powerful enterprise application seamlessly accesses the data to and from your MYOB Greentree system.</li> </ul> Capture MYOB Greentree timesheets anywhere or anytime.
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The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry.

Inzant Sales <p>The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry by seamlessly transferring orders into MYOB. With integrated and visually appealing catalogues and images, barcode scanning and stock replenishment order modes, the iPad App provides workflows to suit the whole sales team.</p> <p>Orders are processed instantaneously from the iPad, meaning time consuming paper intensive tasks and data entry is eliminated. The Inzant Sales backend system serves a 1 data point, full eCommerce hub supporting instant data transfers between Inzant Sales and MYOB. We also provide quality phone, email and online support for all system users.</p> <p><strong><span style="color:rgb(24, 164, 81)">Sales Reps Lives become better!&nbsp;They have access to;</span></strong></p> <ul> <li>Unlimited structured catalogue or image presentations</li> <li>Dynamic &lsquo;on the fly&rsquo; presentations</li> <li>Multiple ordering mode options, with smooth transition between order modes</li> <li>Entire customer ordering history is stored on the iPad Private customer call notes, in addition to product &amp; order notes</li> <li>Forward dated ordering functionality</li> </ul> <p><span style="color:rgb(20, 165, 81)"><strong>Inzant Sales&nbsp;allows users to access intuitive and useful information quickly and easily; </strong></span></p> <ul> <li>Electronic signature and optional image capturing</li> <li>Show Item stock levels, in addition to low and very low warnings on the iPad.</li> <li>&nbsp;Easily handles complex retailer &amp; product discounting and bonus item pricing rules</li> <li>Complex multiple supplier and multiple pricelist situations are easily handled</li> </ul> <p><strong><span style="color:rgb(16, 164, 80)">Inzant Sales Easy Management Features allows Management to Focus on Sales Improvements rather then day to day processes.</span></strong></p> <ul> <li>Geolocational&nbsp;User Tracking</li> <li>Over&nbsp;1400&nbsp;System&nbsp;Reports&nbsp;as&nbsp;Standard</li> <li>Easy&nbsp;Territory&nbsp;Management</li> <li>Efficient&nbsp;Call&nbsp;Cycle&nbsp;and&nbsp;Route&nbsp;Planning</li> <li>Improved&nbsp;Staff&nbsp;accountability&nbsp;and&nbsp;transparency</li> <li>Central management of Products, Orders, Retailers and Staff</li> <li>Easy&nbsp;Campaign&nbsp;Management&nbsp;with&nbsp;Comprehensive&nbsp;Reporting</li> </ul> The original iPad sales system. Eliminate paper, printing and data entry.
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ODBC WriteNow, a true 2 way interface syncing tool

ODBC WriteNow <p>ODBC WriteNow allows businesses to have a true, 2 way interface with their MYOB AccountRight data. Your business can read, write and edit your MYOB Data in the cloud, from your database or excel spreadsheet. A fast, reliable interface that gives you full control of your data. ODBC WriteNow behaves like Premier ODBC, and if you used to use this, this tool is very easy to use. This brings the MYOB API interface to your data and gives you full flexibility and control. ODBC WriteNow will save you time and money. ODBC WriteNow is a new Tool for MYOB AccountRight companies that require true database integration with their MYOB Data.</p> <p>Start a FREE trial today by <a href="">visiting our website</a>.</p> ODBC WriteNow, a true 2 way interface syncing tool
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#1 Building Management Software for Invoice, Quote, Payment, Communication

Tradezquote <p><strong>Why you need Tradezquote:</strong><br /> Tradezquote is the software management system designed to save time, money and help organise the small to medium sized trade business. </p> <p><strong>Who is Tradezquote for: </strong><br /> If you are a trades business whose goal is to run a more professional, less stressful business and live a lifestyle where you get to take family holidays, have time to watch the kids sports game or go fishing once (or twice!) a week then tradezquote is designed for you. </p> <ul> <li>Builders</li> <li>Carpenters </li> <li>Electricians</li> <li>Plumbers</li> <li>Boilermakers</li> <li>Painters & Decorators</li> <li>Cleaners</li> <li>Roofers</li> <li>Landscapers</li> <li>Cabinet Makers</li> <li>Plasterers</li> <li>Handy Men</li> <li>Maintenance Professionals</li> <li>Welders</li> <li>Concreters</li> <li>Roofers</li> <li>Window Covering Installers</li> <li>Tilers</li> <li>Refrigeration Specialists</li> <li>Husband & Wife Trades Teams</li> </ul> <p><strong>Key features include:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Instant Quotes & Invoices: Save time by creating professional quotes on the spot and automatically email them directly to clients at the push of the button.</li> <li>Job Organisation & Secure Storage: No more filing cabinets, sticky notes or excel spreadsheets. All job information saved quickly, safely & securely.</li> <li>Transparency & Client Relationships: Keep clients involved in projects. Track communication. Securely record for future reference. </li> <li>Employee Engagement: Keep employees engaged in job progress and monitor job allocation and performance</li> <li>Accounting Software Integration: Complete automatic invoice integration with MYOB Essentials and MYOB AccountRight at the click of a button which allows you to save time and keep your bookkeeper and accountant happy.</li> </ul> #1 Building Management Software for Invoice, Quote, Payment, Communication
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Take all the stress out of Tradeshow ordering with the easy to use Inzant Tradeshow

Inzant tradeshow <p>Trade shows are always insanely busy. Arguably tradeshows are the most stressful time of year for business owners. Take all the stress out of Tradeshow ordering with the easy to use and intuitive Inzant Tradeshow.</p> <p>Orders are processed instantaneously from any apple device, meaning time consuming paper intensive tasks and data entry is eliminated then seamlessly push your orders into MYOB</p> <h2>Simplify your Tradeshow Sales:</h2> <p><strong>When tradeshows get busy and you need an extra set of hands or 6; you will to be able to;</strong></p> <ul> <li>Use immediately; with Inzant tradeshow&rsquo;s intuitive, easy to use system start taking orders straight away.</li> <li>Find customers and Products quickly with barcode scanning or through an easy to use filter system.</li> <li>Have all current customers with correct customer pricing, products and product information and product images.</li> <li>Adding new customers is as easy as scanning their show ticket or entering their details.</li> <li>The Tradeshow app also allows you to work offline so there is no relying on uncertain 4G or Wi-fi during Tradeshows.</li> <li>We also provide quality phone, email and online support for all system users.</li> <li>Customers can also be emailed PDF copies of their order or you can air print them directly from the app while on the stand.</li> <li>Customer signature Capture.</li> <li>Easily handles complex retailer &amp; product discounting and bonus item pricing rules.</li> <li>We also provide quality phone, email and online support for all system users.</li> <li>No Lock In Contracts- only Pay for your use.</li> </ul> <h2>Push Orders easily into MYOB meaning your orders could be packed and shipped before the end of the day!</h2> <p>Tradeshows can make or break your yearly profits to ensure your business is in the best position to succeed ensure you are Inzant Tradeshow ready! Setting up Inzant Tradeshow is simple and quick with the help of the dedicated Inzant setup team.</p> Take all the stress out of Tradeshow ordering with the easy to use Inzant Tradeshow
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Resource management/Online timesheet/Labour hire software

R3sourcer <p>R3sourcer Software allows to automate complex business processes and HR management using wide range of functions - from basic ones to the most innovative up to day. This Software is developed to fit any industry while keeping automation processes simple and user friendly. </p> <p>Check how R3sourcer helps to solve issues that many businesses face nowadays:<br /> - If you have employee running late or not going to work at all, you’ll find out before not when it'ss too late. How? R3sourcer automatically checks workers are on their way and if not - a replacement has already been found and sent on his way.<br /> - Use the distance calculator and mapping function to find out the distance between your job site and the employee. R3sourcer has a visual solution to see the jobsite locations and employee locations on a real time map.<br /> - With an intuitive interface and tested security options, R3sourcer allows you to manage your timesheet generation and approval process with full control and peace of mind. Get reports of every tracked time, so you can easily identify working hours, overtimes and brakes.</p> <p>R3sourcer Software allows to use many other functions, such as automated invoicing, online timesheets, scheduling, sales workflow and much more for a very affordable price!</p> Resource management/Online timesheet/Labour hire software
From $62.50/month
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Function Tracker Venue and Event Management Software

Function Tracker <p>Function Tracker Venue and Event Management Software is the best way to manage your business and venue, take and make bookings easily... and generally organise your events better.</p> <p>Comprehensive and easy to use, you can make bookings, add sessions, food, beverage and equipment, create contracts, running sheets and invoices, set reminders, roster staff, create invoices, bonds, deposits, manager customers, view reports and much, much more.</p> <p>Our cloud based, cost effective software is perfect for any venue - Function Centres • Conference Venues • Hotels • Clubs • Restaurants • Bars • Cafes • Universities • Schools • Training Centres • Corporate Meeting Rooms • Sporting Clubs and many more...providing the best event management solution on the market.</p> Function Tracker Venue and Event Management Software hospitality functions events venues
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MYOB Greentree

Applications developed by a number of MYOB Greentree Value Added Developers from NZ & A

Apps for Greentree <p>Apps for Greentree applications are pieces of add-on functionality that is designed to work seamlessly with MYOB Greentree. Apps are not smart-phone or tablet programs, they actually sit within your Greentree system. They can take the form of screen customisations, new end-to-end process, additional reports and scripts, new spread sheet functions, or complete modules.</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>Apps are activated in your MYOB Greentree system by:</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>A one-off installation of the Apps Framework.</p> <p>This will normally incur a cost with your Greentree Reseller for between 1 and 2 hours work and require a restart of your system.</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>Ongoing loads of update packs as you upgrade your Greentree system over time.</p> <p>This should not add to your upgrade costs.</p> <p> <br> </p> <p>Installation of a Registration Code for each new App.</p> <p>This is a simple operation, that can be done in minutes, by a consultant or an experienced Greentree user and does not require a restart of your system.</p> Applications developed by a number of MYOB Greentree Value Added Developers from NZ & A reporting automation greentree addon verde greentree
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comprehensive yet easy to use online automotive/mechanical workshop management software

MechanicDesk <p>MechanicDesk is a comprehensive yet easy to use online automotive/mechanical workshop management software. With features that cover all aspects of your business, MechanicDesk puts you in complete control of your workshop. </p> <p>With MechanicDesk, Your invoices are issued faster, and more accurate, your employees know what their work schedules are and your customers know when their vehicles are up for servicing.</p> <p>With our easy to use Workshop Diary and Job scheduling, vehicles' service schedule and history, stock inventory control with complete sale and purchase histories, you will save hours of administrating works, double data entries and spend more time taking care of your customers and your business.<p> <h4>Integrations</h4> <p>MechanicDesk Integrate with many third parties's softwares to make running your business a breeze of fresh air.</p> <ul> <li> Integrate with MYOB (Essentials or Account Right Live) to take care of your accountings, tax and payroll</li> <li> Integrate with Repco Navigator Pro and/or Ashdown Ingram's Quantum Pro to lookup parts and log book services</li> <li> Integrate with Mailchimp to run mass email marketing campaign</li> </ul> <h4> Superhero Support</h4> <p> We are proud of our superhero level support. Our support is always ready to help you with anything you might need</p> <h4>30 Days Free Trial</h4> <p>Take advantage of our 30 day free trial, no question ask, to see how MechanicDesk can help manage your workshop. Our super hero support team will help you with setting up your account, importing data and customize MechanicDesk for your business</p> comprehensive yet easy to use online automotive/mechanical workshop management software
from $2,500
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Seamlessly transferring your Inzant website orders into MYOB

Inzant Websites <h3>Turn WEBSITE orders around faster than ever before with INZANT WEBSITES.</h3> <p>This fully functional website option will give your business the opportunity to tap into entirely new markets through the public domain as well as give your existing customers another easy way to order your products.</p> <p>Your customers will enjoy the benefits of a completely responsive website design and you will enjoy a seamless sales process, Inzant Websites will mean the difference between having every single order manually entered into MYOB in by office staff. Integrating the systems is a logical step and will improve the efficiency of your team dramatically.</p> <h3>Inzant Websites are different from other eCommerce sites:</h3> <p>&bull; 100% Australian Owned and Developed by our Inzant team.<br /> &bull; Enhanced MYOB integration capabilities ensuring seamless sales from order through to delivery<br /> &bull; A Premium clean and modern custom graphic design to ensure a guaranteed Professional look.<br /> &bull; Fully visible customer order history<br /> &bull; Supports your pricing, promos and specials.<br /> &bull; Easy to use Content Management System (CMS) to manage your website pages &amp; content.<br /> &bull; One Data Management Point<br /> &bull; Product &ldquo;upsell&rdquo; features including &ldquo;People also bought&rdquo;, &ldquo;Best Sellers&rdquo; &amp; &ldquo;Related Product&rdquo; zones on the website.<br /> &bull; Configurable Advertising Zones on the site (which you can manage).<br /> &bull; Search Engine Optimised (SEO) architecture with full indexing of every product page in the site. Find Our More at<br /> &bull; Supported by our Team at Inzant</p> Seamlessly transferring your Inzant website orders into MYOB
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Allow you customers to order your products from a personalised order form accessed anytime

MyDigiRep <p>MyDigiRep (My Digital Sales Representative) allows you to create personalised customer order forms that you can send to your clients automatically in an email. MyDigiRep synchronizes with your MYOB database. This program was designed for companies that deal with existing customers on an ongoing basis. This means the order forms can be personalised to suit your customers range of products they normally buy from you. When your customer (or group of customers) receives the MyDigiRep e-mail, they will see the personalised range of products they may be interested in purchasing and any special buy price (this option depends of the MYOB version you are using). Your customer can enter a quantity against lines they wish to order. Once the customer has completed their order they simply hit a button on the order form to confirm the order.</p> <p>MyDigiRep will automatically open the order and feed the completed order back into your MYOB database as a sales order or invoice. All you have to do is dispatch the goods. What could be easier? No need to contact the customer or enter the order manually. Your customers will appreciate the simple order form with only the range of products that they buy from you. MyDigiRep allows you to schedule the sending of orders so that you don’t have to be present to arrange the bulk sending of the order forms. Send order forms out daily, weekly or whatever day and time you choose. Each order form will be sent automatically based on your preference. MyDigiRep is the sales rep you have always wanted. Never takes time off and always contacts your clients when you want. MyDigiRep does not need any special hardware or software to work. The sales orders are sent and received using standard email technology. This means the whole process is easy for you to setup, send and receive orders and easy for your customers to complete the order form.</p> <p>Why MyDigiRep is better than an online store.<br /> • The customer only sees the products they are interested in (don’t have to search through a lot of irrelevant products).<br /> • The ordering process is far quicker and easier for your customers.<br /> • The order is sent to your customer e-mail account meaning they don’t have to log on to the internet and then find your store.<br /> • Even if the customer does not place an order on that day, they will remember you because they will see the email (good marketing).<br /> • MyDigiRep costs nothing to setup (web stores can cost thousands).<br /> • MyDigiRep will put the completed order into your Quickbooks or MYOB database for you as a sales order (no double handling to manually enter the order as a sales order).<br /> • Your customer will see their own buy price (not a standard retail price) (depending on your version of MYOB).<br /> • You control the frequency for sending order forms to your customers.</p> Allow you customers to order your products from a personalised order form accessed anytime
Starting from $35/m per mobile field user + base and setup fees
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Opmetrix is a cloud based premium mobile solution for high performing sales teams

Opmetrix <p>With over 20 years&rsquo; experience, Opmetrix brings knowledge, reliable technology and trustworthy cloud based mobile solutions for sales teams. Working seamlessly with ERP systems, Opmetrix delivers results by streamlining workflows, improving communication and providing visibility. Opmetrix clients are empowered with up to the minute information and statistical data to quickly identify trends and make decisions. The Opmetrix solution works online and offline on Apple, Android and Windows devices.</p> <p><strong>Reasons our customers have&nbsp;chosen Opmetrix:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Streamline processes and increase efficiency</li> <li>Increase effective field performance management</li> <li>Optimise data collection in the field</li> <li>Manage growth</li> <li>Professionalise their service offering</li> <li>Introduce cloud-based software to deliver tasks in the field</li> </ul> <p><strong>Opmetrix enables the Perfect Store Call</strong></p> <table style="width: 534px; height: 119px;" class="table table-striped"> <tbody> <tr style="height: 13px;"> <td style="width: 159px; height: 13px;"><strong>Powered by Opmetrix</strong></td> <td style="width: 184px; height: 13px;"><strong>Perfect Store Call</strong></td> <td style="width: 180px; height: 13px;"><strong>Competitive Advantage</strong></td> </tr> <tr style="height: 109px;"> <td style="width: 159px; height: 109px;"> <p>Decades of experience</p> <p>Best of breed technology</p> <p>Highly skilled technologists</p> </td> <td style="width: 184px; height: 109px;"> <p>Real time information</p> <p>Reliable and robust technology</p> <p>Back to base reporting</p> </td> <td style="width: 180px; height: 109px;"> <p>Empowered teams</p> <p>Up to date managers</p> <p>Better customer service&nbsp;</p> <p>Quicker response times</p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p><strong>Book a demo today:</strong><br /><a href=""><strong></strong></a></p> Opmetrix is a cloud based premium mobile solution for high performing sales teams
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Seamlessly integrated, feature-driven business systems

Triniteq <p>Triniteq is a leading creative technology solutions provider for businesses seeking success through intelligence, innovation and reliability. </p> <p>Our integrated customer experience features, Point of Sale processes, management software, hardware, and financial tools, facilitate increased productivity by maximising every interaction with your customer, at every touch point, from front-of-house, to back-office, online, and on-the-go.</p> <div class="quote"> <p> <strong>Janine Carter, Cellar Door Manager at Voyager Estate</strong> <em>"Triniteq have made the transition from one system to another as easy as possible for all of our staff.&nbsp; They offer a quality product with dedication from both their technical teams and from their ongoing support team and have delivered within required time limits. I would highly recommend working with them."</em></p> </div> <p align="center"><a target="_blank" class="btn btn-warning" href="" style="color:#21ad7e;text-decoration: none;">Request a demo or contact us to find out more &raquo;</a></p> <table width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="padding-top: 40px;"> <tbody><tr> <td style="padding-bottom: 40px;"><h3 style="color:#e68a48;font-size: 25px;font-weight: normal">Point of Sale (POS)</h3> <h4>Increased Control &amp; Reliability</h4> <p>Triniteq's POS solutions can be tailored to suit your requirements or implemented as a turn-key solution.</p> <ul> <li>Use your hardware or ours</li> <li>High-speed connectivity</li> <li>Easy to program, simple to use, scalable &amp; flexible </li> </ul> <a class="btn btn-warning" target="_blank" href="">Read more &raquo;</a> </td> <td style="width: 10%;"></td> <td style="padding-bottom: 40px;"><h3 style="color:#e68a48;font-weight: normal; font-size: 25px;">Platform (CRM)</h3> <h4>Know Your Customers</h4> <p>Reward customer loyalty by collecting and analysing customer data from your POS, website and on-the-go. </p> <ul> <li>Streamline your customer experience</li> <li>Save time with marketing automation</li> <li>Power your customer engagement strategy</li> </ul> <a class="btn btn btn-warning" target="_blank" href="">Read more &raquo;</a></td> </tr> <tr> <td style="padding-bottom: 40px;"><h3 style="color:#e68a48;font-size: 25px; font-weight: normal;">Website Development</h3> <h4>Joomla &amp; WordPress</h4> <p>We'll manage your website implementation from design to Platform and POS integration, to launch and ongoing maintenance. </p> <ul> <li>Straight forward website implementation</li> <li>Manage ecommerce via integrated CRM</li> <li>Optimise for mobile &amp; other devices </li> </ul> <a class="btn btn btn-warning" target="_blank" href="">Read more &raquo;</a></td> <td style="width: 10%;"></td> <td style="padding-bottom: 40px;"><h3 style="color:#e68a48;font-size: 25px; font-weight: normal;">MYOB Integration</h3> <h4>Seamless Data Exchange</h4> <p>Triniteq's MYOB integration batches data through to MYOB AccountRight eliminating replication and manual data handling.</p> <ul> <li>Eliminate double data entry</li> <li>Track stock levels across channels</li> <li>Sync supplier lists for ease of payment</li> </ul> <a class="btn btn btn-warning" target="_blank" href="">Read more &raquo;</a></td> </tr> </tbody></table> <p align="center"><a class="btn btn-warning" target="_blank" href="" style="color:#21ad7e;text-decoration: none;">Request a demo or contact us to fnd out more &raquo;</a></p> Seamlessly integrated, feature-driven business systems

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