MYOB BankFeeds™ Fair Use Policy

The MYOB BankFeeds™ Fair Use Policy (Policy) applies to the number of bank feeds transactions that you receive in each monthly subscription period. Under the Policy, you will be charged for any bank feeds transactions that you receive above the relevant threshold outlined in the table below, in addition to your monthly subscription fee. The Policy forms part of the Terms of Use for your MYOB product. Charges under the Policy will be billed monthly in arrears and will be capped at the RRP (at the time) of your monthly subscription. If you would like to talk to someone about the Policy or purchasing an MYOB product, please contact our friendly customer service team on 0508 328 283 (NZ).

Charge per txn
above threshold
(exc GST)
Cashbook 200 $0.09
Essentials Connected Ledger 200 $0.09
Essentials Accounting Starter Limited to 25      -
Essentials Accounting Start (partner pays)* 250 $0.09
Essentials Accounting 250 $0.09
Essentials Accounting with payroll 250 $0.09
AccountRight Basics 250 $0.09
AccountRight Standard 250 $0.09
AccountRight Plus 300 $0.09
AccountRight Premier 300 $0.09

*Essentials Accounting Starter is limited to 25 bank feeds transactions per month. For partners who have had the 25 limited waived, the fair use policy applies.

Annual subscribers please note: excess bank feeds usage will be billed monthly in the month after the transaction threshold is exceeded. You can change to monthly payments at the end of your current term.