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October 2015 - More Workpapers

New workpaper templates are available and other improved templates based on your feedback and suggestions.

Join the Workpapers conversation here and keep telling us how to make it better.

Version: 2015.2

October 2015 - AO Live for everyone

That new cloud icon top right of your screen gives you access to the latest online features.

Portal, Accounting dashboard and online Activity Statements are all yours now.

Version: 2015.2

client accounting
client accounting

August 2015 - Accounting dashboard (Beta)

All clients using the Live version of Accountants Office can now access the accounting dashboard.

  • View all MYOB online ledgers in a single location
  • Upgrade MYOB AccountRight clients with cover, to equivalent online version

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August 2015 - MYOB Portal for all

MYOB Portal is now available for all clients.

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April 2015 - Online Accountants Office

MYOB Portal - Online collaboration tool for Document Manager users:

  • Extend your practice capabilities
  • Share documents easily with your clients
  • Take electronic approvals from your clients even when they're mobile
  • Integrates with your MYOB Practice Solution


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client accounting

March 2015 - Compliance never ends

Continue to have confidence in the accuracy of your Tax forms and Financial Statements with your latest annual compliance update.

Version: 2015.0

March 15 MYOB Ledger for your practice (Beta)

The latest online ledger solution for your practice.  Create unlimited ledgers at no extra cost and use the same Statutory Reporter and Workpapers features that you’re already using for AccountRight and Essentials data files.

Version: 2015.0

myob ledger
client accounting

Nov 2014 - AccountRight Income Allocations

Easily report detailed equity accounts in Statutory Reporter and have visiblity of the profit splits in the Ledger tab and Workpapers view in Client Accounting.

Version: 2014.2a

Nov 2014 - MYOB Logins

Seamlessly move between the desktop world and the online world for all of your MYOB practice solutions.

Version: 2014.2a

client accounting
Periodic reports

Sept 2014 - Statutory Reporter Periodic reports

Get better looking reports with improved template styles including the flexibility to produce periodic reports.

Version: 2014.2a

Sept 2014 - Essentials Cashbook integration

Now you can access even more of your clients’ online data files directly from your Client Accounting tab.

Version: 2014.2a

standing orders

June 2014 - Standing Orders

Reducing aged WIP and improving cashflow just got easier with streamlined and simplified Standing Orders.

Version: 2014.1

June 2014 - Essentials Accounting integration

Fast easy access to your clients Essentials Accounting data directly from the Client Accounting tab in your practice suite.

Version:  2014.1


March 2014 - MYOB AO OnTheGo

Anywhere, anytime access directly from your smart devices, to real time views of the key practice data contained in your practice management suite. 

Version: 2014.0

Jan 2014 - Tax Manager

Making tax management easier with fast access to quick tax calculators, one click PDF creation and new fields and visual flags to highlight unreconciled accounts at a glance.

Version: 2013.1


Jan 2014 - Client Accounting Workpapers

This game changing module is an easy- to-use tool for creating and managing consistently high quality Workpapers using data directly from your clients’ AccountRight, Essentials or AO Classic General Ledger

Version: 2013.1