Accountants Office

Standardised configuration, reporting and simplified workflows allow you to spend more time focused on clients

Document Manager

Less paper, more productivity

Document Manager

Save the world, and a little office space

Built especially for accounting practices to move to a practice with less paper. Create, file and retrieve documents, email, letters and more in one organised, searchable and secure space.

Find what you need with ease

It can be a job in itself sorting through all the email messages you receive in a typical day. Full text search reduces the time spent searching for documents and gives you instant access to practice information. You can search by author, date range, type of work or year, or by any word within a document or email.

Document Manager

Take control of your email

Email is at the core of your firm’s interactions with clients. Document Manager allows you to quickly and easily search and review emails and manage them like any other secure document.

Document Manager

Set high standards

Document Manager takes the client information from your database and enters it into your standard letters and documents, so you don’t have to. And you’ll have confidence that the quality of your documents match the professionalism of your practice.

Looking for more power & control?

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