The State of Aotearoa’s Start-ups

Some start-ups aim to make life easier by evolving current technologies and constructing new ones, and others break into markets by providing new products or services. While they are high risk, there is always the hope that one idea will develop into the next big thing. The MYOB State of Start-ups report provides insights from industry leaders, incubators and investors, as well as data from international surveys. Together, the results explore whether enough is being done to establish New Zealand as a hub for start-up development.

"To succeed you have to be entrepreneurial – it requires a long-term global vision, and a self-affirming mindset that is far removed from Kiwi humility."

Carolyn Luey, MYOB New Zealand General Manager

August 2017 - MYOB State of Aotearoa’s Start-ups

August 2017 - MYOB State of Aotearoa’s Start-ups

Although it is a truism that all businesses started life sometime, it is the advent of innovative, design-led, technology enabled start-ups that are the cause of much excitement in the business world. Otherwise known as newly emerging entrepreneurial ventures, start-ups are the future of business, both in New Zealand and across the globe.

MYOB’s State of Start-ups report asks if we are creating the right environment in which start-ups can thrive. Or if we as a country are too traditional in our thinking, too conservative in investing and just too far away from the markets of the rest of the world.

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