The State of Startups

Some startups aim to make life easier by evolving current technologies and constructing new ones, and others break into markets by providing new products or services. While they are high risk, there is always the hope that one idea will develop into the next big thing.

Even in a country such as ours – where the environment for starting a business is one of the best in the world, and the creativity knows no bounds – taking an idea from startup to fully-fledged enterprise is no easy task. In fact, it could involve years of set-backs, risk-taking and reinvestment – especially if you want it to be successful.

By exploring small business performance and highlighting entrepreneurial goals, challenges and pressures, the latest MYOB report - The Lifecycle of Your Business -  informs New Zealanders about what it takes to grow a business here and how they can see it succeed.

"Growing a business demands persistence, ingenuity and an ability to solve unique problems over the course of a business lifecycle."

Carolyn Luey, MYOB New Zealand General Manager

September 2018 - The Lifecycle of Your Business

In The Lifecycle of Your Business, we analyse small business insights such as performance, challenges and pressures at the different stages of a business lifecycle. From startups (0-2 years) and growing businesses (2-5 years), to maturing businesses (5-10 years) and established businesses (10+ years) – the report includes stories from four very different entrepreneurs and tips for businesses at each stage. 

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August 2017 - MYOB State of Aotearoa’s Startups

MYOB’s State of Startups report asks if we are creating the right environment in which startups can thrive. Or if we as a country are too traditional in our thinking, too conservative in investing and just too far away from the markets of the rest of the world.

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