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MYOB grabs top spot for new cloud-accounting customers

Accounting software company MYOB has released new figures showing it is now the fastest growing cloud-accounting business in Australia and New Zealand with 205,000 new subscriptions added in the 12 months to September 2018.

15 Nov 2018

SME confidence collapses as revenue falls sharply

New Zealand’s small businesses are sounding the alarm as confidence drops sharply in both the economy and their own enterprises, driven by falling revenue and a range of growing pressures. More than half (53 percent) of the SME business operators surveyed in the latest MYOB Business Monitor Snapshot believe New Zealand’s economy will decline over the next 12 months, with nearly a fifth expecting the economy to contract sharply.

29 Oct 2018

Gender plays important role in defining business success

The path we take to business success could be influenced by our gender, according to a new survey from leading accounting software provider MYOB. The company’s Business Monitor research finds that female business owners attributed their success to different factors than their male counterparts.

05 Oct 2018

Auckland students win tech award for business innovation

A simple and intuitive cashflow calendar designed to help small and medium sized businesses with cash flow has won four students from the University of Auckland the top award at the national final of the MYOB IT Challenge.

13 Sep 2018

Waikato students awarded for enviro-tech innovation

An online tool designed to help businesses minimise carbon dioxide emissions resulted in four students from the University of Waikato receiving a highly commended award at national final of the MYOB IT Challenge.

06 Sep 2018

MYOB on track to hit 1 million online subscribers in 2020, announces 61% uplift in online growth

MYOB today released its financial results for the half year ending 30 June 2018, reporting record online subscriber growth, up 61 per cent to 492,000, and on track to surpass 1 million online subscribers by 2020.

24 Aug 2018

MYOB ranks amongst Australia’s most innovative companies

A culture of innovation and setting staff up to be “future makers” has seen accounting software business MYOB place 8th on the Australian Financial Review’s Top 100 Most Innovative Companies list.

31 Jul 2018

Didymo, cannabis and te reo: Māori entrepreneurs redefine ‘business success’

New Zealand’s first business accelerator for Māori entrepreneurs has finished, and its graduates have goals much wider than just making profits.

05 Jul 2018

1 in 3 Kiwis predict NZ will be cashless within 10 years, survey reveals

New research reveals almost 80 per cent of local business owners plan to ditch physical money for digital payments, while more than a third expect our economy will be cashless within a decade.

26 Jun 2018

Report looks at state of rural economy - top tech trends in rural sector identified

A new report into the state of the rural economy finds that one-third of rural businesses expect more sales in the next quarter, verse 16 percent who see sales declining.

15 Jun 2018

Holidays Act changes will remove key business pain point

Businesses will welcome any changes to the Holiday Act that make it easier to administer says the country’s largest payroll provider.

29 May 2018

R&D businesses big winners from Budget 2018 - MYOB

The Labour-led coalition Government’s first budget has several positive initiatives that will support innovative businesses says accounting software provider MYOB.

17 May 2018

NZ Mid-market: Urgent need of a growth mindset

New Zealand’s mid-sized businesses are not geared for growth and it could seriously impact our nation’s economy, reveals a new report by MYOB.

11 May 2018

Technology finds a place to stay

As New Zealand’s largest tourism industry conference TRENZ takes place in Dunedin this week, new analysis by business software provider MYOB points to the increasing importance of technology for the country’s largest foreign exchange earner.

09 May 2018

1-in-5 businesses offer flexible work hours for parents

Flexible working arrangements are becoming more common giving parent’s different options for managing the kids these school holidays, says accounting software provider MYOB.

26 Apr 2018

Crisis of confidence for SME sector

Confidence in the economy has fallen to its lowest level in three years amongst New Zealand’s small-to-medium sized enterprises, which makes up more than 500,000 businesses, according to the latest MYOB Business Monitor survey of more than 1,000 business operators around the country.

27 Mar 2018

NZ Tech sector needs focus on gender diversity

A new report by MYOB says New Zealand’s tech sector lacks gender diversity and will need to do more to build a more inclusive industry.

27 Feb 2018

MYOB delivers solid financial results and record online subscriber growth, moves forward on delivery of ‘Connected Practice’ vision.

MYOB today released its 2017 financial results to the market reporting double digit growth across all key financial measures, together with record online subscriber growth of 60 percent, driven by new small business customer wins and increasing online migration.

23 Feb 2018

MYOB opens ‘office of innovation’ in Christchurch

A focus on spaces that promote collaboration and innovation is behind MYOB’s new Christchurch office

14 Feb 2018

Finance finds its way to the cloud

Pure cloud-based financial management solutions are being adopted by mid-to-large sized businesses at a higher rate than many predicted, leading to higher gains in productivity and profitability according to research by American-based analytical firm Gartner*.

22 Jan 2018