NZ charities benefiting from donated software

02 Dec 2015

MYOB Add-On partner Calxa this week celebrates reaching the $1million target of budgeting and cashflow forecasting software donated to charities and not-for-profits.

CEO Mick Devine declares "When we made our pledge four years ago, we didn't realise how soon we would fulfil our target. Knowing that hundreds of organisations are making significant inroads in cutting the burden of reporting and achieving better governance is a great feeling."

Calxa reached its target this week with their donation to Southern Shoalhaven Meals on Wheels, a small community organisation that delivers meals and provides social services to the frail and elderly on the NSW south coast in Australia. Services co-ordinator, Vicki Love, says, “As a small not-for-profit we welcome any assistance we can get and I really think that Calxa will make a difference to our treasurer and make it easier to meet our reporting needs.”

With less resources available than their larger counter parts, grassroots organisations reap the productivity gains from using Calxa. "These smaller organisations have the same mandatory requirements as their larger counterparts", says Mr Devine.

Auckland-based charitable trust COMET has experienced firsthand the benefits of embracing technology. “Calxa not only saves us one day or more every month but now we can do forecasts more frequently and more accurately than we could when we were using spreadsheets,” says Financial Accountant Linda Hu. “The TechSoup donation program has made this software accessible to small charities like us.”

The donation program is managed by Connecting Up in Australia and TechSoup in New Zealand who help many not-for-profits getting their Technology in order. Partner Manager, Josh Goodwin says “Calxa has been instrumental in its help for the not-for-profit sector. Having hit $1,000,000 of donated product in four years is no small feat.”

New Zealand charities are taking up Calxa at a faster rate. With the introduction of the new reporting standards, the combination of MYOB and Calxa provides a time-saving alternative to complex spreadsheets.

Linking directly to MYOB as their underlying accounting system, organisations are looking to improve the way they work. Having access to bank feeds which automates their data entry and smart bills to store their documents makes not only saves time, it makes it easier to collaborate with accountants and auditors.

It is befitting that celebrations are taking place the same week as “Giving Tuesday” symbolising the significance of Calxa’s social impact on the organisations and people they meet.

About Calxa

Voted "Most Outstanding Software for MYOB", Calxa Australia delivers the leading budgeting and cashflow forecasting software for not-for-profit organisations and small businesses throughout Australia and New Zealand. The Calxa software integrates with accounting systems, producing error-free reports quickly and easily. The company's headquarters are located in Townsville, Queensland.

For more information please contact:Mick Devine, CEOCalxa Australia Pty LtdEmail: mick@calxa.comPhone: +61 433 77 88 05