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New Zealand SME Economic Year in Review 2021

SME Economic Year in Review 2021

In each quarter of 2021, MYOB tracked the business performance and economic outlook of local SMEs. An interactive infographic and report has been created to highlight the key factors influencing economic confidence in New Zealand over the past year.

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Budget 2021 - Summary

Budget 2021 - SME Summary

The Government's Budget 2021 saw sweeping social investment targeting benefits, education, and health as part of a broad focus on New Zealanders' wellbeing.

But what did it deliver for small business?

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Tech report

Tech Report - How Coronavirus transformed our use of technology

The far-reaching implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have already changed the way New Zealand businesses operate and the experience will significantly increase their use of technology.

The Tech Report highlights that local businesses are now making some major changes in an effort to futureproof their operations.

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Business Preparedness Guide 3

Business Preparedness Guide 3: Running a business in challenging times

In this report, the third edition in our Business Preparedness Guide series, we take a look at what it means to be in business in our new normal, we examine some of the ways businesses are looking to transform the way they work, and the myriad opportunities ahead to thrive in the future.

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Wellbeing Budget 2020: Rebuilding Together

Wellbeing Budget 2020: Rebuilding Together

This must have been one of the most momentous Budgets in New Zealand’s history, delivered in the most unusual circumstances. But what does it mean for SMEs? We've captured the key outtakes in our report.

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Business Preparedness Guide 2

Business Preparedness Guide: Running a business in challenging times

It is our belief that SMEs in this country are a powerful force for positive change. They are not only the employers and earners; they are the dynamic drivers of change; the inspirers; the thinkers and the doers. We believe it is vital for our economy that the SME sector is as protected and supported as it can be in the weeks and months ahead. Which is why our focus is on sharing information, starting conversations and reaching out to provide support to help businesses start, survive and grow.

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Business Preparedness Guide

Business Preparedness Guide launched to help Kiwi businesses

A Business Preparedness Guide has been developed for New Zealand businesses who may be looking for advice during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The guide offers support in a range of areas from managing cashflow to business continuity and preparing for the eventual upswing. There is a focus on fundamental issues businesses are currently facing, including establishing secure and successful work from home operations, managing staff and dealing with leave. There is a breakdown of wage subsidy and leave support, including how to apply, and how much employers are entitled to.

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Proactive approach to mental health

Mental Health In Small Business Report: Proactive approach to mental health challenging for small business, says fresh data

More than two thirds (67%) of small businesses have not discussed mental health days, according to fresh data from MYOB.

The finding, from a survey conducted with 757 Australian small business operators, is compounded by the fact that just half (52%) of respondents said they feel able to address mental health issues affecting their staff.

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SMEs see VR changing their business landscape in the next 5 years

MYOB Consumer Insights Report: Kiwis still shop ‘NZ’ despite rise of global e-tailers

Despite the rise of internationally headquartered e-tailers, more than half of all Kiwi consumers (54%) say they still prefer to shop at New Zealand owned and operated small businesses, according to a new Consumer Insights Report by accounting software provider MYOB.

Kiwi consumers are choosing to buy locally either by visiting the physical premises or heading online to owned and operated stores.

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A hillside with a setting sun and grazing sheep.

MYOB Rural Report

The Coronavirus pandemic and it’s effects on the global economy have highlighted just how vitally important New Zealand’s rural sector is to our economy, our communities, and even our standing in the world.

The MYOB Rural Report, based on a survey of more than 320 primary sector and rurally-based businesses, has revealed that those operating in the fisheries, farming, agriculture and rural sectors were not immune to the impacts of the crisis.

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MYOB special report: women in tech and the barriers to gender diversity

Women in tech need greater support says MYOB

In the latest MYOB Women in Tech report – released at a special Techweek event on Thursday 23 May – the company said there is still work to be done among the local tech sector if New Zealand is to live up to its reputation as a society that recognises, promotes and enjoys the full benefits of equal representation of women.

According to report, nearly half of the tech industry’s female leaders have personally experienced gender bias in the workplace. The report also says just 25% of local technology businesses have equal representation in their leadership teams (41% to 60% of their leaders are female), while only one in ten tech businesses work to actively address discrimination. Less than half pay their female employees the same as men in the same role.

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MYOB Bold Ambition

Bold Ambition: Mid-market businesses in 2022

A new report from MYOB reveals the outlook for 2022 for mid-market businesses following a strong 2021. Top ambitions show growth on home soil and abroad is firmly on the agenda, while changes to operations will continue as businesses brace for workforce and supply challenges.      

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Seizing Advantage Report

Seizing Advantage: The technology pivot ANZ businesses must make

A new study on the mid-market commissioned by MYOB shows organisations are losing up to one and a half days per employee per week, due to ineffective digital solutions. This comes at an extra cost to each business of roughly $2.2million (NZD) per year. 

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MYOB Government Performance Snapshot report 2021

MYOB Government Performance Snapshot Report 2021

After a strong showing in last year’s General Election, Labour is losing its appeal with small business, according to a new MYOB poll which reveals SMEs’ growing dissatisfaction with the current government.

The MYOB 2021 Government Performance Snapshot – a survey of nearly 800 local SME business owners and decision-makers - found that nearly half (45%) of New Zealand’s SMEs are dissatisfied with the Government’s overall performance since they won the General Election in October 2020, while nearly two-in-five (39%) SMEs said they are satisfied.

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MYOB Startups Report: The lifecycle of your business

The Lifecycle of Your Business

In The Lifecycle of Your Business, we analyse small business insights such as performance, challenges and pressures at the different stages of a business lifecycle. From startups (0-2 years) and growing businesses (2-5 years), to maturing businesses (5-10 years) and established businesses (10+ years) – the report includes stories from four very different entrepreneurs and tips for businesses at each stage.

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