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A hillside with a setting sun and grazing sheep.

MYOB Special Report: New Zealand’s Rural Sector

Despite recent reports of economic uncertainty and a raft of other business pressures, the rural business community continues to report sustained growth. However the pressures of running a small business - coupled with the isolation of managing a rural operation - are taking a toll on the mental health and overall wellbeing of this key sector.

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SMEs see VR changing their business landscape in the next 5 years

MYOB Future of Business: The Future is Now

There's no doubt the next three to five years of technological disruption will impact every business in New Zealand.

But are New Zealand businesses truly ready for the magnitude of change expected over the next few years? Are they prepared to ride the next wave of technological disruption? Or will they miss the opportunities of an exciting but unpredictable new world?

As the future fast approaches - and takes each of us with it - a combination of investment, business preparedness and government support will make all the difference to the success of our economy and the businesses that work to support it.

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MYOB special report: women in tech and the barriers to gender diversity

Women in tech need greater support says MYOB

In the latest MYOB Women in Tech report – released at a special Techweek event on Thursday 23 May – the company said there is still work to be done among the local tech sector if New Zealand is to live up to its reputation as a society that recognises, promotes and enjoys the full benefits of equal representation of women.

According to report, nearly half of the tech industry’s female leaders have personally experienced gender bias in the workplace. The report also says just 25% of local technology businesses have equal representation in their leadership teams (41% to 60% of their leaders are female), while only one in ten tech businesses work to actively address discrimination. Less than half pay their female employees the same as men in the same role.

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Transforming the mid-market

In this report, we surveyed 185 bigger businesses from across the country to measure the
performance of the New Zealand mid-market. In doing so, we seek to highlight the challenges
they face and identify the barriers to their growth. We also hope to help bring their
significance into greater focus and ultimately support their success.

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MYOB Startups Report: The lifecycle of your business

The Lifecycle of Your Business

In The Lifecycle of Your Business, we analyse small business insights such as performance, challenges and pressures at the different stages of a business lifecycle. From startups (0-2 years) and growing businesses (2-5 years), to maturing businesses (5-10 years) and established businesses (10+ years) – the report includes stories from four very different entrepreneurs and tips for businesses at each stage. 

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