Important changes to level of technical support for MYOB products

Effective 1 July 2010

From 1 July 2010, MYOB Australia will no longer be providing technical support for certain earlier versions of MYOB product, and will instead be focusing on providing support resources for customers who are either:

  • Subscribed to an MYOB Cover technical support program; or
  • Registered users of the latest-version MYOB product; or
  • Registered users of up to two versions before the latest-version MYOB product (except where an older version is more than three years old).

If you are not subscribed to an MYOB Cover technical support program, or your version of MYOB product is three versions older (or more) than the current-version MYOB product, then your MYOB product will not be supported by MYOB Australia under the terms of the policy that will be in effect from 1 July 2010.

Is your MYOB product affected?

A table detailing the current support status of all MYOB products (including discontinued MYOB business products) is provided on the MYOB Australia website, as are answers to further questions regarding the changes to phone-based support.

Are you still using your MYOB product?

If you are still using your MYOB product to run your business and anticipate requiring phone-based assistance in the future (for example during end of financial year), we recommend that you update your software to the latest version. Your update will include an MYOB Cover membership, which will provide you with ongoing access to MYOB Technical Support, ongoing software updates and more.

Alternatively, some MYOB Certified Consultants may provide on-site support for earlier-version MYOB products.

Technical Support Notes for older-version MYOB products will continue to be accessible on the MYOB Australia website.

It's easy to re-subscribe to support online

You can of course subscribe to MYOB Cover or simply upgrade to the latest-version MYOB product at any time at my.MYOB, MYOB Australia's secure payment website.

Effective 1 July 2010

Even if you are running your business on a version of an MYOB product for which MYOB Australia is no longer providing phone-based technical support, MYOB Australia may still be able to assist you with the following procedures.

Please note that these procedures incur a fee that will vary with the support status of your product. MYOB technical support staff will inform you of the fee when you discuss your particular issue with them.

Repairs to your product datafile

In the event of your MYOB product datafile (the database on which your business data is coded and stored) being corrupted or damaged, MYOB Australia may be able to help you recover and restore you business data.

Purchase of further licences

If you run your business on a 'multi-user' MYOB product such as MYOB Premier or MYOB RetailManager and you would like to increase the number of people who can access your business data simultaneously, MYOB Australia can provide further product licences.

Access to further company files

For customers who have bought or upgraded an MYOB product since April 2004, MYOB Australia may grant access to further company files.

Password retrieval

In the event of a master administrator password to an MYOB datafile or a sub-password to an area of product authorisation (such as the payroll) being misplaced, forgotten or having moved on with a departing staff member, MYOB Australia may be able to reset the password for the registered user of the product.

For assistance with any of these procedures, please call MYOB Australia direct on 1300 555 151 and we can discuss your exact needs.