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Sharing spouse information between tax returns

To reduce data entry and maintain accuracy, you can share the income details between spouses' tax returns. If your client's spouse's details are in the database then you can share the details and automate the completion of all the spouse's details and income.

This feature is available from the 2021 tax return onwards.

The way of sharing spouse details is different in Practice compared to MYOB AE/AO. In MYOB AE/AO, you select the spouse from the current tax return and pull the data into the return. In Practice, you will be pushing the data from the current tax return into the spouse's return.

Sharing the spouse data

If you've created a tax return for both spouses in your database, you'll be able to share the income details from one tax return to another and vice-versa.

We've used the tax file number to link the 2 spouse's tax returns. This tax file number will not be printed or lodged to the ATO.

New labels in the spouse details

We've added 3 new calculated labels added to the spouse details income section. You can use this information to calculate the tax offsets and other eligibilities for the client.

  • Your spouse's ATI amount.

  • Your spouse's rebate amount: Use this amount to work out the eligibility for the Seniors and Pensioners tax offset.

  • Your spouse's assessable income.