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Item IT5 - Net financial investment loss

In IT5 label X, the loss you show is the amount by which the deductions relating to the taxpayer's financial investments exceed the income from those investments.

Labels integrating into IT5

The amount calculated integrates to label X only if it is a loss. If there is no amount integrating, enter zero at the label X.




Item 11

Label S: Unfranked dividends.

Label T: Franked dividends.

Label U: Franking credit.

Item 13

Label O: Distribution from partnerships (Share of Label O relating to net financial income/loss).

Label U: Managed investment scheme income from trusts.

Label C: Franked distributions from trusts.

Item 15

Label C: Non-PP financial investement income/loss.

Item 16

Label G: Share of deferred losses from partnership business of investing.

Label F: Deferred losses from sole trader business of investing.

Item 20

Label M: Foreign company dividends including managed investments.

Label F: Australian franking credits from an NZ franking company.

Item 23

label A: Forestry managed investment schedule.

Item 24

Label Y: Category 1 balancing adjustment related to financial investment.

Label V: Category 2 Other income related to financial investment.


Item D6

Label K: The low-value pool deduction relating to financial investments.

Item D8

Label H: Dividends deductions.

Item 13

Label Y: Partnership deductions relating to financial investments/Managed investment deductions from trust distributions.

Item D14

Label F: Forestry managed investment scheme deduction.

Item 20 

Label M: Dividends deductions from foreign shares.

Item D15

 label J: Any other deductions attributable to financial investment including debt deductions.