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Approve and lodge an FBT form

Once you've added, filled in and validated a form, here are the next steps:

Finalise the form

Finalising a form will send it to the ATO for a pre-lodgment check.

Open the form and click Finalise. The button changes to Finalising... while the form is being sent to the ATO. When it's sent, the message "Return has been sent to the ATO for validation" displays at the top of the form, and the form status will change to Completed.

If the form is rejected, the message "ATO has rejected the return" displays at the top of the form. There will be a list reasons why the return was rejected – you'll need to edit those fields to correct the errors. Click Edit at the top right of the form, make the required corrections, then finalise it again.

Request a signature

Before you can lodge a completed form, you need to get the client’s approval. This can be a manual signature, where the client physically signs a paper form, or electronically, where they give their approval online with a ‘digital signature’.

If you’ve set up a portal for a client using MYOB Practice, you can either request a digital signature, or download a PDF of the form for the client to sign manually. If the client doesn’t have a portal, they can only sign the form manually.

To request a digital signature

Digital signatures can only be requested if the client has a portalLearn how to create a portal

  1. Open the form and click Request a signature.

  2. Complete the following fields:

    • Assign to – this is the name of the contact person at your client's business

    • Title – this is a subject line that can include the type of BAS form and period

    • Description – a message that requests a review and signature from the client. This is pre-filled with default text that includes the details of the form – you can edit this text if you want to.

    • Due date.

  3. Click Request a signature at the bottom of the dialog, and the form will be sent to the client.

Note that the approval task that's created for the client will inherit the default “send as” and “notify” settings that are set up in the client’s portal.

To request a manual signature

  1. Open the form and click Request a signature.

  2. Click Request manual signature at the bottom of the dialog.

  3. Click Download at the top of the form.
    This creates a PDF of the form. Save the file to your computer.

  4. Send the PDF to your client by either email or post, or by handing it directly to them.

  5. Request the client to review, sign and send the form back to you.

Mark a form as 'signed'

After requesting a signature, you’ll need to wait for them to digitally or manually sign the form before you can lodge it.

  • For digital signatures: When the client approves the form in their client portal, you don’t need to do anything to acknowledge the approval - the status of the form will automatically change to Ready to lodge. You’ll receive an email notifying you that the client has approved the form.

  • For manual signatures: When your client has signed the form, you need to open it and click Mark as signed at the top right of the form. The button will change to Lodge, and the status of the form will now be Ready to lodge.

If the client rejected the form (for digital signature process) or refused to sign the form, you'll need to open it, click Edit, and make the necessary changes. You can then resend the form for approval.

Lodge the form

After you receive the client’s signature, you can lodge the form with the ATO.

  1. Open the form and click Lodge at the top right of the form. The Lodge dialog displays.

  2. Click Lodge at the bottom of the dialog.

  3. The button changes to Lodging... while the form is being sent to the ATO.

  4. When the form has been sent, a message will display at the top of the form to let you know it’s been lodged with the ATO, and the status of the form will change to Submitted

You can track the status of each form on the Compliance page.