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Edit a client portal

After you've created a client portal, you can:

  • edit the portal name

  • add and remove clients

  • add and remove full-access users

  • add and remove contributors

  • edit a user's details

  • edit the default "Send as" and "Notify" practice users

  • select bulk-task assignees.

You can't delete a portal, but you can reallocate it to use for another client.

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    To edit other client details, such as their address, see Creating clients and contacts.

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    "Send as" users are practice staff whose names will appear on a task notification sent to clients. The task will appear as being from the "Send as" user. For example, you may want to use the practice alias or the partner's or manager's name.

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    The "Notify list" is the list of practice staff who need to be notified when tasks are actioned by their clients, including by digital signature.

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    If you set a "Bulk task assignee", all tasks will be assigned to that user.
    If you don't set a bulk send assignee, all tasks will be assigned to all users with full access.
    Bulk task assignee settings are used, for example, for tasks bulk sent from the Transaction processing page (such as coding reports or when you use the Create task feature). Or, for New Zealand users, for tax notices sent in bulk as a task.

Consider the following before editing a portal

A client portal can't be deleted once it's created. See what you can do instead.

At least one client and one user must be associated with a client portal.

When you add a new user to the portal, they'll be emailed an invitation to the portal.

If you want to remove a client or user from a portal

Users you remove won't be notified that they're no longer part of the portal. They'll no longer be able to log into the portal, but they will still be able to log into other portals to which they have been included.

Clients or users can't be removed from a portal if they have an open task. The task must be completed before the client or user is removed.

Any existing tasks associated with a client or user who has been removed from the portal, will remain in your Tasks page and the task history of the client's Tasks page.

If you use MYOB AE/AO, you won't be able to publish a document from your MYOB AE/AO on your desktop to a client or user who has been removed from the portal.