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Reconciling online invoice payments

When a customer makes an online payment, it'll automatically be recorded in your MYOB business, and the associated invoice will be closed off. You'll receive an email notification about the payment – the payee also receives an email confirming that they've paid.

All credit card, debit card, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal payments made on the same day will be grouped and deposited into the settlement account you nominated when you set up online invoice payments. BPAY payments will be grouped separately and deposited into that same account.

Because the payments are automatically recorded in your MYOB business, when the bank transactions come into your software (either via bank feeds or an imported bank statement), those payments can be easily matched.

To help you match transactions, you can run the Transaction details report (Reporting menu > Reports > Online invoice payments tab). You can use this to help you match grouped payments in your bank feeds to invoice payments in MYOB Business:

Transaction details report showing settled transactions
Matching grouped Online Invoice Payments to invoices in MYOB Business

If your customer payments aren't automatically matching to invoice payments in MYOB Business, you may need to turn auto matching on. Go to Banking Bank rules and select the option Automatically match bank transactions to MYOB bills and invoices.

Automatically match bank transactions to MYOB bills and invoices (1)

Learn more about how matching works.

If you need more details about your online invoice payments, see Online invoice payment reports.