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Quotes provide your customers with a price that’s guaranteed for a specified period. When the customer accepts or declines the quote, you can update its status. You can also turn a quote into an invoice with just one click.

Want to add a personal touch to the look of your quotes? See Sales settings.

See a list of your quotes via the Sales menu > Quotes.

See expired quotes at a glance

If the Open status is yellow, the quote is past its expiry date.

Create a quote

  1. Go to the Create menu and choose Quote.

  2. Select the Customer you're quoting for. If it's a new customer, click + Create customer then enter their details and click SaveLearn more about adding customers.

    Customer dropdown button clicked and create customer link highlighted
  3. If you want, edit the number in the Quote number field. If you change the number, future quote (and invoice) numbers will increment from this new number.

  4. If the customer has a purchase order, enter the Customer PO number.

  5. Check or change the Issue date.

  6. Check or change the Expiry date. This defines how long the quote is valid for.

  7. Confirm the quote Status (OpenAccepted or Declined).

  8. If you're registered for GST, select if the amounts in the quote are Tax / GST inclusive (includes tax) or Tax / GST exclusive (excludes tax).

  9. If the quote will contain items, click Field layout and choose the Services and items option.

    Field layout clicked with Services and items option selected
  10. If you're adding items to the quote, select the item you're quoting for from the Item ID field and the number of Units of that item. If the item doesn't exist, add it by clicking + Create item, enter the item details, then click SaveLearn more about creating items.

    Item ID dropdown arrow clicked with create item link highlighted

    The following details appear, based on what you entered when you created the item: Description, CategoryUnit price and Tax code/GST code. The default quantity you're selling (No of units) is 1, but you can change this.

    Use the built-in calculator

    There's a built-in calculator in the No of unitsUnit priceDiscount and Amount fields. Just enter a calculation in the field and tab out of it:

    Animation showing basic calculation being entered into the amount field

  11. If you're quoting for a service, enter a Description and complete the CategoryAmount and Tax code / GST code details.

    Removing a line

    To remove a line from the quote, click the delete icon (x) to the right of the line.

  12. (Optional)

    1. Choose a Job if the line item relates to a specific job. Tell me more about jobs.

    2. If you want to add a note about the quote, choose a Notes to customer and enter any additional notes in the box below it. These notes will appear on the customer's quote. For example, you could use this area to add additional details about payment. You can choose one of the default notes or add your own reusable notes — see Notes to customer.

  13. Repeat from step 8 for each item or service you want to include on the quote.

  14. Enter any charges for Freight, and if required, change the default Tax/GST code. If you can't enter Freight, you'll be prompted to specify a linked category for freight. (What is a linked category?)

    The following totals are automatically calculated:

    • Subtotal—the total for the items added to the quote

    • Tax—the amount of tax applied to the quote

    • Total—the subtotal amount plus the tax amount

  15. Use the buttons across the bottom of the page to choose an action, such as to email the quote or to save the existing quote and create a duplicate from it.

    Activity history

    When you create or send a quote, or convert the quote to an invoice, this is recorded in the Activity history section at the bottom of the quote. 

  16. Click Save.

Duplicate a quote


If you regularly create similar quotes, you can duplicate one you've already created.

You can copy any quote regardless of whether it’s been saved or not. Just open the quote and click Save and duplicate.

Save button clicked and save and duplicate option highlighted

A quote with the same line items is created with a new quote number, date and expired date.

If you're working on a quote, and you want to save it and create a new quote, select Save and create new. The quote is saved, and a new one is created and opened. To cancel a quote, just hit the back button on your browser window.

Search for a quote

  1. Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes.

  2. To help you find a quote, try these filtering options:

    • Choose the Customer the quote was for.

    • Specify a date range to show quotes issued within that period.

    • Enter all or part of the customer's name, quote number or amount in the Search field.

    • Click a column heading to sort by that column.

      Choose what you want to show and hide what you don't need

      Click Column options. You can then:

      • Tick

        change the order of shown columns by dragging them up or down

      • Tick

        hide columns by clicking the eye icon.

      Hide and reorder coumns

      Any changes you save only appear for you, not for other users. They're also retained if you log out of MYOB Business and log back in again.

      These options are available on the Invoices, Quotes and Sales orders pages.

  3. Click the Quote number to view a quote's details.

Turn a quote into an invoice


When a customer decides to buy what you've quoted, you can quickly turn a quote into an invoice.

  1. Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes.

  2. Click the quote you want to turn into an invoice. The Quote page appears, showing the quote details.

  3. Click Convert to invoice.

    Convert to invoice button highlighted

    The Invoice page appears, containing the items and/or services and prices from the quote.

  4. Make any required changes to the invoice, and click Save, or click Email invoice to send it to the customer.
    For more information on entering invoices, see Creating invoices.

Decline a quote


If a customer declines a quote, simply change its status.

  1. Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes.

  2. Click the quote that's been declined. The Quote page appears, showing the quote details.

  3. In the Status field, choose Declined.

    Example quote with declined in the status field highlighted
  4. Click Save.

Email or print a quote


To email a quote or sales order:

  1. Click Email quote or Email sales order.

  2. If an email address has been saved for the customer, it appears in the To field—you can change this if you want. If no email address exists, enter one in the To field.

  3. If you want to email additional recipients, you can:

    1. click + Email and enter additional To recipients

    2. click + Add CC email and enter an email address in the CC field

  4. If you want to email a copy to yourself, select the option Email me a copy. The customer will not be able to see this information.

  5. If required, change the text in the Subject and Message fields. If you'd like to change the default text, see Set up default emails.

  6. If you'd like to attach files to the email (total size of uploaded documents can't exceed 25MB):

    1. click and drag files into the Drag files to upload section

    2. click browse for files and select files to upload.

  7. Choose the template that'll be used if the customer prints or downloads their quote or sales order as a PDF. Click Preview PDF to see what it'll look like. (Click Customise template to set up your sales templates in Sales settings.)

  8. Click Send quote or Send sales order to email it.

To print or download a quote or sales order:

  1. Click Preview in a quote or View PDF in a sales order.

  2. Choose the template that'll be used for the PDF. Templates define the look and feel of your PDFs. (You can set up your sales templates in Sales settings.)

  3. Click View for a quote (or Export for a sales order) to open a preview of the quote PDF in a new tab. You can then print or download the PDF using the options in the PDF or your browser:

    Download or print the quote using the options in the PDF or your browser

Change a quote

  1. Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes. The Quotes page appears.

  2. Click to open the quote to be changed. The quote is displayed.

  3. Make your changes. See Create a quote above for details.

  4. When you're done, click Save, or click Email quote to send it to the customer.

Delete a quote

  1. Go to the Sales menu and choose Quotes. The Quotes page appears.

  2. Click to open the quote to be deleted. The quote is displayed.

  3. Click Delete.

  4. Click Yes to the confirmation message.


How do I change the default email message?


This is set in your sales settings. See Set up default emails.

(AccountRight browser users) Why has the default Freight tax code changed?


If you access an AccountRight company file in a browser, you might notice that the default Tax/GST code for the Freight field is different when you enter a quote in the browser.

This is because the default Tax/GST code in the browser is set in the linked income category for freight (Accounting menu > Manage linked categories Sales Income category for freight), whereas in the desktop app it's set in the customer's card (Card Information window > Selling Details > Freight Tax Code).

You can easily change the Tax/GST code in the transaction or set a new default Tax/GST code in the browser by editing the freight linked income category.