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Entering sales

Entering sales in AccountRight is easy, and there's lots of information you can record.

Use a mobile device

You can also enter sales using your iPhone, iPad or Android device! Find out more

Record quotes, orders and invoices

You can track the stage and progress of each sale, from quote to invoice:

Example quote, order and invoice windows
  • A quote records an estimated price you have quoted to a customer. A quote can be changed to an order or an invoice when your customer is ready to buy.

  • (Not Basics) An order is a sale where no services or goods have been delivered. Orders don’t create transactions unless the customer has paid you a deposit. An order can be changed to an invoice.

  • An invoice is usually created when you deliver the items or services the customer ordered. Invoices can be open (unpaid), closed (paid) or credit (negative sale). An invoice can’t be changed to a quote or an order.

Choose the right sale layout

To help you record the information you need about each sale, there are several data-entry layouts you can choose from:

Example select layout window
  • Item: If you've set up items and services in your Items List, use this layout to easily select what's being sold.

  • Service: Use this layout to sell items and services that are not in your Items List.

  • Professional: This layout is ideal if you want to keep track of the progress of work you're doing for a client. You can record the dates of the work performed.

  • Time Billing (Plus and Premier only): If you're tracking time using activity slips, use this layout to bill the client.

  • Miscellaneous: Only use this layout when recording adjustments, such as bad debt write-offs, or sales that will never require a form to be printed or emailed.

You can personalise the way your invoices print. You can add your logomove things around, and add or remove fields.

Two ways to enter a sale

You can record a sale using the Sales window. This window enables you to record lots of information about the sale, the payment, freight, and tax. Here's an item invoice for the customer Footloose Dance Studio. They purchased a couple of water coolers, so we've prepared an invoice for them. Enter a sale now.

Example sale with subtotals

A quick way to enter a cash sale is using the Bank Register window. You only record the key information about the sale, but you can record more detail later. Enter a cash sale now.

Example sale with Type highlighted