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Deleting invoices

Whether it's an invoice, quote or order, deleting a sale is easy—open the sale, go to the Edit menu and choose Delete Sale. You can also open a sale, then right-click the sale window and choose the delete option.

When a sale is deleted, it's permanently removed from your records. If you'd prefer to retain a record of the sale, you can reverse it instead.

Having trouble deleting a sale? Check the following:

  • User role—Your user role must allow deleting.

  • Security preference—AccountRight's security preference must be set to allow transactions to be deleted. See To allow transactions to be deleted below for details.

  • Locked period—A sale being deleted can't be in a locked period 

  • Financial year—A sale being deleted must be in your current financial year.

  • Payments—If a sale has a payment applied to it, you must first delete the payment. See To delete a payment applied to a sale below for details.

  • Deposits—If a sales order has a deposit applied to it, you must first delete the deposit. See Customer deposits for details.

  • Credit notes—If you applied a credit note towards a sale, you must first delete the credit.