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Report packs

Use Report packs to bundle up all the reports you regularly run into a single document that you can share with others. 

You can customise templates, add logos, change formatting for any number of report packs. For example, you may want to create a report pack that contains all of your regular monthly financial statements: Monthly financial statements.

Templates and report packs

When you create a report pack, you first need to create (or choose an existing) report pack template. You can't create a report pack without using a template.

If you think of the report pack as book, the template is like the plan for that book, defining what information is going to be included, how it's going to be organised and presented.

Create personalised PDF style templates and select different styles for different reports, or use the one style that suits your business needs.

Here's how to use Report packs:

Create a report pack template

You can customise the look of your report packs by creating your own templates, or you can use the default one provided for you.

Create a report pack

Once you've created a template, you're ready to create the report pack itself.