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Payroll reports

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

Payroll reports source their information from payroll transactions or from the pay history in an employee's card. When you process a pay, the employee's pay history is automatically updated.

Looking for year-to-date Single Touch Payroll reports?

See End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting.

Your payroll reports should match your employee's pay history, unless the pay history has been manually changed in error.

You can view the following payroll reports from the Payroll report group (go to the Payroll command centre and click the Reports button). Learn more about running reports.

Want to change the look and content of a report? Learn about customising reports.

Payroll Verification report

The Payroll Verification report displays detailed information about each employee’s pay that you are processing. The report is only only available in when you process your payroll. Before you record the pay, you can view or print this report and review all the employees’ wage, deductions, superannuation, employer expenses and payroll taxes that are included in the payroll calculation.

Other report groups