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Jobs reports

MYOB's Jobs reports help you keep track of the income, expenses and profitability of your Jobs.

You can access the jobs reports via the Reporting menu > Reports Jobs.

Available reports are based on your plan If there's a report listed here that you need, go to My Account to upgrade your plan (click your business name > My Account > Manage my product).

Exporting, saving and printing

You can export your report as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF by clicking Export. Note that you must enable editing of the spreadsheet from within Excel. If editing is disabled, the spreadsheet will not display the totals calculated in the report.

When exporting PDFs, you can also choose which style template you want to use. When the PDF displays, you can save it.

When viewing a report, click View and print to display the report as a PDF in a new browser tab, where you can save or print it.