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Microsoft Excel templates

When exporting a report to Microsoft Excel, AccountRight uses its own Microsoft Excel templates to format and lay out the report. The templates are saved in the following location:

If you use

located here

AccountRight PC Edition

2020.4 and earlier:
C:\Users\ <>\Documents\MYOB\AccountRight\Reports\Spreadsheet\20xx.x

2021.1 onwards:

AccountRight Server Edition


20xx.x refers to the version number, for example: 2020.4.

When you install an AccountRight update, you'll need to copy the spreadsheets you've edited to the updated version's Spreadsheet folder to keep using them in the new version. With the release of automatic updates in AccountRight 2021.1, you now only have to move them one more time – see the FAQ below for details.

The following tables list the MYOB report names and the corresponding Excel template names you'll find in the Spreadsheet folder. If you want to change how the reports look when they're exported from AccountRight, you can edit these templates. You might do this to change the font style, colour or size, or to add a business logo. Just double-click a template to open it in Excel. Be aware that you shouldn't change the data fields in these templates or the template won't work as intended. A data field displays in double square brackets [[ ]] when viewing the template in Excel.

Caution: Editing and replacing templates

Editing these Excel templates requires an advanced understanding of how xlt templates work. You should make a copy of the templates before you edit them. If you don't have a copy of the templates to revert to, you'll need to uninstall then reinstall AccountRight to restore the default set of templates. Be aware that this will replace all edited templates.