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Displaying a report

AccountRight has many reports that help you see where your business is at, and what you need to give attention to. If a report you need isn't there, you can have a go at customising one of the default reports to include the information you need. Or, export the information you need and open the export file in Excel.

Having an issue displaying a report? Check the FAQs below.

To display a report

  1. Go to the Reports menu (at the top of the AccountRight window) and choose Index to Reports. The Index to Reports window appears.

  2. Click the tab corresponding to the type of report you want to display. A list of report headings appears.

  3. Click the required report group and then click the report you want to display.

  4. Enter or select the date range or period for which you want to view the report. Note that this option is not available for some reports.

    Index to Reports window

  5. (Optional)

    • Click Advanced Filters if you want to select more report filters before generating the report. This might be a good idea if you're reporting for a wide date range, or have lots of transactions or records.

    • Click Export to Excel to run the report and display it in Microsoft Excel. Learn more about Exporting reports.

  6. Click Display Report. The Report window appears.

  7. You can now filter and modify the report. Click the appropriate tab in the Report window's ribbon:

    • Click the Filters tab to sort and filter the information that appears on the report. After selecting your filters, click Run Report to apply the changes.

      report filters tab

    • Click the Print Preview tab to change the page or margin size of the document, and to see how the report will print or be saved.

      report print preview tab

    • Click the Insert/Modify tab to add or remove report fields and columns, insert a picture or include additional text. See Customising reports.

      report insert modify tab

  8. Click the Print Preview tab to see how your changes look if the report is printed, exported or emailed.

  9. You can save the changes you've made to the report's appearance, so that it's available in the same format next time.

  10. You can print or email the report, or export the report information to an Excel, text or PDF file.