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Filter and sort a report

Lengthy reports that have lots of data can be difficult to analyse, and it can take some time to produce the reports. In these cases you're better off filtering the reports to show just the relevant information you need, and then sorting the data to your liking.

For example, if you need a report showing a particular customer's payments for the months of May to June, you can filter the Customer Payments report to show details for the one customer and just for those two months. You can then sort the report by date or amount if it helps.

Wanting to add more data to a report? See Add and remove report columns.

Preparing financial reports?

Financial reports, such as your profit and loss statement, are reported by financial year, and can't be filtered to a calendar year.

These reports can only be filtered to show information for the last, current or next financial year. If you haven't closed the previous financial year, the Financial Year filter will show a prior year as the "current" year. If you're still not ready to close the previous year, you'll need to select the Next Year option when preparing your reports for this financial year.

financial year reports

Saving your changes

If you like the way you've filtered and sorted your report, you can save it as a custom report.