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Post-upgrade cheat sheet

AccountRight looks similar to your old software, but in fact it’s been built from the ground up to take advantage of the online business world. So we’ve prepared this cheat sheet to address some of the things customers find different after they move to the new AccountRight, as well as some enhancements you might not be aware of.

There's things you don't need to do anymore


If you store your file online:


you can forget about...


Verifying & optimising your company file

Your file is automatically optimised online

Losing your data

Your data is secure and always up to date. You don’t have to worry about your computer crashing or losing your data in a disaster

Sending data to your accountant on thumb-drives or via email

You can share your file with your accountant online in real time. And you don’t have to put journal adjustments back into the file anymore; your accountant can do that without disrupting your work.

Manually checking for software updates

AccountRight checks for any updates you're entitled to. If an update is available, you will be prompted to download and install it.

Requiring Microsoft Outlook to send emails from AccountRight

You can choose to email invoices and other forms directly from AccountRight—no Outlook required. Or, you can keep using Outlook—it's up to you.

There's lots of new things you can do


It’s likely you've moved to the new AccountRight to get the time saving benefits of doing business online, or to be compliant with Single Touch Payroll. If you haven’t already done so, connect up your online services and start working smarter.

 The new things online services enables you to do include: 

Here's what others are saying about online services: 

The automatic banking reconciliations are great for us. They save me about an hour month as I don’t have to search where money is coming from.

Jan Benton, Benton General Builders

I’ve been using bankfeeds right from the start and love them – they are a huge time saver and make reconciliations so much easier

Mandy Watson, Gondwana Ecology

The bank feeds are an absolute time saver and a must. Anyone who doesn’t use them is mad!

Coralie Hurley, Commercial Passion

Here's some things that have changed 


Company file and security changes

  • Company files are now stored in the AccountRight 'library'. The library can be located on your computer, on a network computer on online and makes it easier to manage your company files. Find out more about libraries.

  • User access to company files is now managed by 'roles'. Previously you needed to decide which windows and functions that a user of your company file was allowed to access. Now you just assign 'roles' to each user. Learn about user access.


  • Session Report is now called the Journal Security Audit report (listed under Security and Audit in the Accounts report group). This new report gives you more detail about changes made to transactions during a selected session and can be run at any time, even after closing and reopening the company file.

    journal security audit report

Data entry changes 

  • Inserting a line in a transaction. To insert a line item, you now use right-mouse-click Edit > Insert Transaction Line . To add a blank line, use Edit  Insert Blank Line .   

  • Deleting a transaction line from a transaction. Previously, you could remove a transaction line from a transaction using the DELETE or backspace key to remove info in each column. Now, you need to right-mouse-click the line and select  Delete Line .

  • Action menu replaced by right- mouse- click command. When you right-click your mouse in  any window,  a menu of related tasks appears . This replaces the Action menu in the Card Information window or the  Reconcile Accounts  window .

    Right click options Reconcile Accounts


  • Refreshing data.  In some windows, for example, the Find Transactions  window, you now  refresh changes to the window (such as  changes to f ilter s ) by clicking a button in the top right corner . To save changes in other windows,  such as transaction windows,  you need to record or close them.    

  • Date entry calendars.  There are more options when entering dates, for exam ple,  y ou can now  directly select the year , as well as the current day . You can open the date calendar by  click ing the arrow next to the date field or put ting the cursor in a date field and press ing the Spacebar on your keyboard.

    calendar final


Keyboard shortcut changes

Here's some keyboard data entry changes you should know about.        


v19 shortcut



New shortcut



Insert Transaction Line





Insert Blank Line




Date Entry Calendar



= (equals) or SPACEBAR






See our list of keyboard shortcuts in AccountRight.  


In AccountRight Classic, you had the ability to set default font sizes and font types for windows, forms and report. This feature isn't available in the new AccountRight, however you do get the ability to change the font for:

If you would like to see more options for changing fonts in AccountRight, submit ideas or vote for existing ones in the AccountRight Idea Exchange.

 Optimise the performance of your AccountRight.

 There are a number of things you can do to optimise AccountRight's performance. See Speed and performance tips for more information.

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