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Improved security

Securing your business information and protecting the data you store about your customers, suppliers and employees is vitally important. The new AccountRight includes a number of features that simplify how you manage access to company file data and make your information more secure. To find out more, click a topic below.

Also learn about two-factor authentication and other ways you can protect your AccountRight company file.


User roles to control company file access


It's now easier to assign access privileges to each user of your company file. Previously you needed to decide which windows and functions that a user of your company file was allowed to access. Now you just assign 'roles' to each user.

For example, if you have salespeople who enter sales and customer payments, assign them the Sales role and that will give them access to all sales related features, while keeping confidential information, such as supplier banking details, private.

For more information, see Set up user access.

Track user activity


The new Session Security Audit report helps you keep track of each user's activity, such as the date and time that a user signs on to the company file and sign off. You can also print a Journal Security Audit report anytime to view the new transactions and modifications made in a session, and the user who made them. Learn more about Accounts reports.

Secure your backup files


Backing up and restoring company files has been enhanced in AccountRight. You can now protect the zip file containing the backup data with a password. This added security helps prevent unauthorised access to your company file.

You are prompted to enter a password in the Back Up Company File window.

Backup window

When you restore a company file that is password protected, you must enter the password to restore the file.

BASlink setup information to be backed up separately (Australia only)


The BASlink setup information related to your company file is now stored in a different location on your computer, and is not backed up when you back up your company file. You will need to do a separate backup of your BASlink data. To do this, open BASlink and back up your data when prompted