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Back up your company file

Using AccountRight v19? Your help is here: Australia | New Zealand

When you back up your company file, a copy of the file is created and saved as a compressed file so it takes up less space. For more information, see About backing up and restoring company files.

The backup copy can be saved to a safe location, whether that's online or on an external storage device. Refer to Windows help or search the internet for more information on copying files.

AccountRight 2020.2 and later

All users will need to sign out of the company file as part of the backup process. You'll receive a message with the details of who is signed in to the file. This way you can let them know they need to record any transactions they're entering or changes they're making and sign out.

Once the back up starts, anyone still signed in will be signed out. For more information, see Important changes in AccountRight 2020.2.