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Using the MYOB Team mobile app

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The MYOB Team mobile app lets you submit your timesheet hours directly to your employer. Once your timesheet is approved, the hours will be included in your next pay. This makes the pay run process quicker for your employer—so you'll get paid faster.

If you've been set up as an approving manager, you'll have some additional functions in the MYOB Team mobile app.

Installing and signing in

When your employer invites you to MYOB Team, you'll receive an email with a link to download the MYOB Team mobile app.

Once you've installed the app on your phone, you can sign in.

Using the app

Let's step you through what you can do in the MYOB Team mobile app.

Record and submit your time

The method you'll use to submit your time depends on how your employer set up MYOB Team.

Edit or delete timesheets and activities

If your timesheet (or activity) is pending approval, you can still make changes or delete it. Approving managers can also edit employee timesheets prior to approving.

You can make these changes in the mobile app.

Only an approving manager can change clock on/clock off time that's been recorded in the mobile app or tablet kiosk.

Submit or delete a leave request

You can submit a request for leave from the home screen. You can also delete leave requests that haven't been approved.

View rosters

When a roster is published, or changed and re-published, you'll receive a notification in the app.

You can view your roster details in the mobile app by tapping Roster .

Approving managers can also view staff rosters. Tap More and then tap Staff roster.

Rosters can only be created in the MYOB Team admin portal (you can't create rosters in the MYOB Team mobile app).

Have an issue with a roster? Speak to your manager.

View payslips

You can view PDFs of your payslips from the last 3 months. Your payslips can be downloaded or saved in the same way as any other PDF document viewed on your phone.

If you need an older payslip or you have any pay issues or questions, check with your manager.

  1. Tap Payslips () to display a list of payslips you've received in the last 3 months.

  2. Tap a payslip to view it in your phone's default PDF viewer.

    Payslips listed with a payslips displayed
  3. Based on your phone's PDF viewer you can save or download a copy of the pay slip.

Manage your profile

When you sign in to the MYOB Team app, you'll be prompted to complete any missing details in your employee profile. Once submitted, this information will be added to your employee record in your business's MYOB software.

You can view or update this information at any time.

  1. Tap More () and then tap Profile.

  2. Tap the applicable tab to add or update your details. A green tick means all required information has been recorded for that tab.

    • Personal Details—name, phone, address and bank details

    • Tax—tax file number and tax status

    • Superannuation—choose or update your superannuation fund

      Employee profile screen
  3. Enter or update the required information.

  4. When you're done, tap Save.

Once all tabs have green ticks, you're done! But you can tap a tab to update your details at any time.

Employee profile screen with all green ticks

More tasks

Tap More () for access to these functions:

Timesheet records

View a list of your submitted timesheets.


View a list of submitted leave requests under a heading of either Pending or Approved.

Timesheet approval

(Approving managers only) View and approve submitted timesheets.

Staff roster

(Approving managers only) View staff rosters.

Leave approval

(Approving managers only) View and approve submitted leave requests.

Set passcode

Set or change the 4-digit passcode you use to sign in (instead of an email address and password).

Switch location

If your business has more than one location, this lets you switch between locations.

Switch business

If you've been invited to use MYOB Team from more than one business, this lets you switch between businesses.

Sign out

Sign out of the app and return to the sign in screen. 


Need a helping hand? Here's where you can check the online help or report an issue.

Give feedback

Help us improve MYOB Team by telling us what you think.

Approving managers only

In addition to the above, approving managers can also do the following in the MYOB Team mobile app: