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Setting up and using MYOB Team on a tablet kiosk

Australia only

If your business wants to use an on-premises tablet kiosk to allow employees to clock on and clock off, you'll need to:

  • use an Apple iPad tablet (iPadOS 10 or later)

  • download the MYOB Team Kiosk app on your iPad (head to the app store and search for "MYOB Team Kiosk"). Only available from the app store for iPads, there's no Android version.

  • position the tablet in a convenient location to allow easy clock on/clock off, such as a stand or mounted to the wall

  • keep the iPad plugged in to ensure it remains charged at all times.


We'll step you through setting up and using the MYOB Team Kiosk app.

To set up the MYOB Team Kiosk app


Once you've downloaded the MYOB Team Kiosk app, an approving manager can set it up. Learn about adding approving managers based on your MYOB software (AccountRight | MYOB Business).

  1. Open the MYOB Team Kiosk app.

  2. Log in using your email address and password.

  3. Choose the business.

  4. Choose the location where the tablet will be used.

  5. From the list of employees, tap any employee.

  6. If prompted to allow access to the camera, tap OK.

  7. Tap the X in the top-right corner to return to the employee list.

To set your iPad to kiosk mode


To ensure the iPad remains on and only used for the MYOB Team Kiosk app, the approving manager should set the iPad to kiosk mode.

  1. On the iPad, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided access.

  2. Configure as follows: 

    1. Turn Guided Access = ON .

    2. Set a Passcode.

    3. Enable Screen Sleep = OFF. If this option isn't available, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Set Auto-lock = Never.

    4. Exit settings and re-launch the MYOB Team Kiosk app.

    5. Triple-click the iPad home button and select ‘Start’ in the Guided Access menu (top right corner).

The kiosk will now remain 'always on'.

To clock on and clock off using the tablet kiosk

  1. Choose the employee name from the list of employees. Then, when you:

    1. Start work, tap Start shift.

      If you work multiple shifts, or split shifts, over a day, tap Start shift each time you begin a shift and End shift each time you finish it.

    2. Take an unpaid break, tap Start break.

    3. Return from an unpaid break, tap End break.

    4. Clock off for the day, tap End shift. A summary of the shift appears.

  2. Review the summary and, if required, add a note for the approving manager.

    Only approving managers can edit the recorded time, so if something needs fixing add a comment.

  3. Tap Submit to submit the time for approval. 

  4. Tap Done.

Submitted times can be approved in the MYOB Team admin portal., after which the times are sent to your MYOB software to include in your payroll processing.