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July 2023 tax tables

If you're using the latest AccountRight version and you're connected to the internet, the July 2023 tax tables will be used in your software for pays with a payment date of July 1 and later. Tell me more...

The PAYG Withholding payroll category is used to calculate PAYG on employee pays. It uses the tax tables (or tax scales) provided by the ATO and downloaded automatically by AccountRight.

You can view the PAYG Withholding payroll category via the Payroll command centre > Payroll Categories > Taxes tab.

Looking for information on reporting your PAYG Income Tax Instalments? See Lodge your activity statement.

Tax table information

The tax tables are already set up for you. If the government changes them, AccountRight will download the latest tax tables for you.

As part of Single Touch Payroll reporting, the ATO reporting category PAYG Withholding is automatically assigned to the PAYG Withholding payroll category and can't be changed.

For more information on ATO reporting categories, see Assign ATO reporting categories for Single Touch Payroll reporting.