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Lodge your activity statement

Time to prepare your next BAS or IAS? We’ll save you time by using the information in MYOB to fill in some of the details. Once you’ve filled in the other required fields on your statement you can lodge your activity statement online, and get confirmation from the ATO within seconds.

If you'd prefer to complete and lodge your activity statements manually, run the GST return report for the period (Reporting menu > Reports > GST return).

Before you can lodge your activity statements online, you need to:

  • have already nominated MYOB as your software provider, and

  • set up your activity statement fields.

If you haven't completed these setup steps yet, see Get ready to lodge activity statements.

Currently only the GST and PAYG Withholding fields can be automatically filled based on information in MYOB. So if you need to complete other fields, like the T fields, have those amounts and details ready to fill in before you start preparing the form.

Next steps

When you make the required payment to the ATO, or receive your refund, you need to record the transaction in MYOB. For tips on how to record the transaction, see Recording ATO payments and credits (Australia).