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Check super fund and employee details

AccountRight Plus and Premier only

Once you've signed up for Pay Super and have successfully verified your bank account, there are a few last things you should do before you start making super payments.

If you:

  • haven't added any super funds or employees yet, you should add them now.

  • have added super funds and employees, you should check them now to make sure you've entered all the mandatory information required for Pay Super. Keep reading to learn how.

One more thing to check...

Ensure that the super payroll categories you've linked to your employees are of the Superannuation category type, not Employer Expense. Only super amounts allocated to payroll categories listed in the Superannuation view of the Payroll Category List (Payroll command centre) can be processed using Pay Super.

Once you've checked your super fund and employee setup, you're ready to make superannuation payments.