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What happens after I've set up Single Touch Payroll?

After you've set up Single Touch Payroll (STP), you'll notice one extra step at the end of each pay run. And at the end of the payroll year you'll finalise your payroll information with the ATO.

Reporting each pay to the ATO

You won't notice anything new while entering your pays, but after you record a pay you'll now be prompted to send the payroll information to the ATO.

This is easily done – just enter your details and click Send.

Prompt to send payroll information to the ATO

You can check the status of your submissions by going to the Payroll menu > Single Touch Payroll reporting. If a payment is rejected, find out out to fix it.

End of year finalisation

At the end of the payroll year, you'll finalise your STP reporting. It's a simple process that lets the ATO know you're finished reporting payroll information to them for the year.

Finalising also changes the status of your employees' income statements in myGov to Tax ready. This means they'll be able to pre-fill and lodge their tax returns.

Typically, most businesses will need to finalise their STP information by July 14, but you should clarify the due dates with the ATO.

For all the details, see End of year finalisation with Single Touch Payroll reporting.