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Checking STP totals after moving to STP Phase 2

Australia only

When you move from other payroll software to MYOB, or you move from STP Phase 1 to STP Phase 2, we recommend you (or your accounting advisor) check that your employees' year-to-date (YTD) amounts reported to the ATO match the payroll figures in MYOB.

You'll do a similar check at the end of the payroll year, but it's a good idea to find any issues now rather than wait until the busiest time of the year.

If you're using AccountRight, you'll access your company file in a web browser to complete this process.

Before you begin

If you've moved to MYOB from other software:

  • Tick

    Set up payroll (this includes entering employee YTD pay amounts and leave balances)

  • Tick

    Set up STP (this includes transferring your previous software's BMS ID if your business has reported pays to the ATO using STP in other payroll software in the current payroll year)

To check your payroll totals

Compare these two reports to ensure they match:

  • the YTD verification report in the Payroll Reporting Centre—this shows the YTD amounts you've reported to the ATO

  • the Payroll Summary report in MYOB—this shows the YTD amounts you've processed through payroll in MYOB