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Assign ATO reporting categories for Single Touch Payroll

You must be reporting to the ATO via STP Phase 2

The ability to report payroll via STP Phase 1 in MYOB will end on 15 March 2024*. If you've been using STP Phase 1 reporting in MYOB, we encourage you to move to STP Phase 2 to ensure that you are compliant and can continue to report Single Touch Payroll to the ATO – see how easy it is to move.

*This date is indicative only and subject to change

You need to assign an ATO reporting category to each of the wage, deduction and superannuation pay items you use. This lets the ATO know how to treat each type of payment you're reporting through Single Touch Payroll (STP).

STP Phase 2

STP Phase 2 is the ATO's expansion of their payroll reporting requirements. This includes expanding the list of ATO reporting categories to better define the amounts paid to employees. For example, the ATO reporting category Gross payments has been split into more specific payment types, like overtime and bonuses.

To learn more about STP Phase 2, visit the ATO website.

If you set up STP since mid-December 2021, you'll likely be set up for STP Phase 2. You can see if you're reporting on STP Phase 2 via the STP reporting centre (Payroll > Single Touch Payroll reporting).

When you move to STP Phase 2, you'll need to confirm the ATO reporting categories you've assigned to your pay items. For example, pay items previously assigned to Gross Payments might now need to be assigned to a new specific reporting category, like overtime or bonus.

Which ATO reporting category should I assign?

As your business, award and employee agreements are unique, we can't tell you which ATO reporting categories you should assign to your pay items.

However, you can use the descriptions of reporting categories below to guide you.

For additional information and advice:

What is each ATO reporting category for?

Use this information to work out which reporting categories you need to assign to your pay items. The STP Phase 2 reporting categories will apply when your business is reporting via STP Phase 2.

Assigning ATO reporting categories

You need to assign ATO reporting categories to all pay items you've used in the current payroll year, and whenever you create a new pay items.

If you're setting up STP for the first time or moving from STP Phase 1 to STP Phase 2, your MYOB business is checked to find any pay items that don't have an ATO reporting category assigned—so you can then assign one. You can also manually check your pay items and, if required, assign an ATO reporting category.